3 Ways to Make More Money

e21-LisaSasevichToday’s episode kicks off the new season with a HUGE promise: You can get more clients, make MORE money for your product or services, and earn more from the clients you already have through the one, simple tool you will learn about on this episode. That may sound like a lot to promise, and it is – but Lisa delivers in her characteristically genuine and confident way. And the good news is that in order to apply this one tool to your business you won’t have to do anything new or come up with anything different than you are already doing. Interested? Be sure you take the time to listen to this episode!

There are really only 3 ways to make more money in your business.

Did you realize that? Many people don’t because the default thinking on the issue is that in order to make more money you have to get more clients. That statement IS true, but it’s only one of the 3 ways you can increase revenues in your business. What are the other two? Charging more for your product or service (you see how that works, right?), and making more money from the clients you already have (up-selling other services). Lisa is a master at all three of these tactics and on this episode she’s going to reveal one simple thing you can do to increase your bottom line in all three of those areas. It may not sound believable, but it truly is. You won’t want to miss this one.

How Lisa’s business went from 6 figures to 7 figures in record time.

As Lisa began presenting her programs across the nation she recognized that she defaulted to the same phrases and descriptions of her services and products over and over. Over time, a light bulb went on and she realized that those repeated phrases and descriptions represented the skeleton of the services she provided, the outline of the unique system she had constructed to make her process reliable and efficient. When she was able to identify the steps of that system, name them, and brand it to fit her business, she saw a powerful way that she could communicate to potential clients that would foster confidence and trust – and result in more and higher paying clients. If you need that kind of boost in your business, be sure you hear Lisa’s story on this episode.

Discover your Unique Branded System.

Here’s the best part: In order to take advantage of the principle Lisa teaches on this episode you don’t have to create anything new. The beauty is that you’re already doing the very thing that can bring you more sales, higher ticket prices, and repeat and increased business from existing clients and customers. You just don’t know it – and THAT is key. Lisa’s going to teach you how to identify and quantify the steps in your unique process that make your product or service uniquely “you” and show you how to position it in a way that enables your ideal clients to trust you more, feel confident in your workflow, and entrust you with even more of their needs. It’s all on this episode.

The upward spiral (of profit) begins with your Unique Branded System.

When you’re able to communicate what you do and how you do it in a professional, well-thought-out manner, your potential and existing clients are going to feel that you really know what you’re doing (because you do). From the simple fact that you’ve taken the time to delineate your process/system into easy to understand steps that are unique to you, those prospects will find themselves drawn to your offer – because you present yourself as a reliable and trusted resource to meet the exact needs you have. It’s a masterful approach to describing what you have to offer that sends your bottom line through the roof! Find out more as Lisa explains it, on this episode.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Lisa’s preview to this podcast season and today’s episode.
  • [2:52] The 3 ways to make more money in your business.
  • [3:44] Lisa’s caution about the tool you’re going to learn about today.
  • [5:26] The one tool that moved Lisa’s business from 6 figures to OVER 1 million.
  • [6:30] What IS a Unique Branded System?
  • [8:08] What goes into your Unique Branded System?
  • [9:00] The power of knowing what your systems are and how they work.
  • [10:41] The good news: You don’t have to create anything new.
  • [11:07] Why your system is the fuel to making more money in all 3 ways Lisa mentioned.
  • [15:55] How your Unique Branded System is the key to charging more.
  • [18:07] The path toward upselling existing clients is through your Unique Branded System.
  • [22:27] The upward spiral (of profit) begins with your system.
  • [23:31] Upcoming events you can be a part of.
  • [24:00] How you can connect with one of Lisa’s experts.

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