Joint Venture Opportunities to Boost Your Sales & Profits – Episode 22

e22-RichGermanJoint Ventures could change your life and revolutionize your business – but how do you go about finding the exact, right relationships that lead to the very best JV opportunities? Lisa’s guest on today’s episode is Rich German, a coach and expert at helping others build profitable and truly world-changing joint venture relationships. Rich is the co-founder of JV Insider Circle, an online community that helps people with a great message to share find their ideal JV partners and boost their business and sales as a result. In this conversation you’re going to hear Rich and Lisa chat about the benefits of a JV relationship and how you can move toward a new business connection that could truly change your business. Check out the episode, and if you like what you hear, be sure to give us a review!

The first step to great joint venture partnerships.

Rich German has been helping dynamic world-changers make great JV connections for years and he says that the entire process toward profitable joint ventures begins with a mindset shift – from scarcity to abundance. He suggests that every person who wants to be involved in a joint venture begin with a firm resolution to collaborate rather than compete. As Lisa and Rich chat on this episode you’re going to hear Rich explain exactly what that means and why it is so important to make that mindset switch. He’ll also unpack what it means for your business when you are able to make that fundamental adjustment to your thinking.

Step two to great joint ventures.

If you’re going to become involved in a joint venture with someone else then you need to be clear on what you bring to the partnership. It’s the only way you’ll have something of value to add to your combined efforts. Rich German says that you need to have a great offer that solves a very specific problem for people. When you do, you’ll not only be very clear about what it is that you can do to bring value to the people you want to serve, but you’ll also add a very specific value to your JV relationship, which enables that partner to get behind you and promote what you do with the kind of specificity that sells. Find out more about how to fashion your unique offer, on this episode.

The third step to a successful JV relationship.

Years ago, in the musical “Cabaret,” a famous song declared that “Money makes the world go ‘round.” While the sentiment of the song is easily understood, it’s really not true. What makes the business world work the way it does is not money, but great relationships. The more people you know, the more opportunity you have to build relationships that can fuel your business and keep you connected to those who can help you promote your services and products. On today’s episode Rich German says that the third step to outstanding joint venture relationships is creating great relationships with people who not only can promote you, but who are eager to do so. Find out how Rich suggests you go about that difficult task, on this episode.

Would you like some free resources to help you build amazing joint venture relationships?

The first step to building the kind of joint venture partnerships that could change your business for the better is to listen to this episode. Rich and Lisa share some of their insights about joint ventures and how to establish the relationships that make them possible. But in addition to that they share a great, free video training that you can use to begin making the joint venture connections you need to move your business to the next level. Be sure you listen to find out how you can tap into the free training and get your business moving toward joint venture success.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Lisa’s introduction to this episode.
  • [1:21] Who is Rich German?
  • [3:59] A story from Rich’s life and business history as a coach.
  • [11:24] How Rich discovered his expertise and his audience.
  • [12:41] The two questions Rich asked himself to discover his niche.
  • [17:00] What IS a joint venture?
  • [17:40] How Rich has created his own online marketing machine.
  • [22:30] How you can get Rich’s free training from this episode.
  • [26:16] The tools Lisa and Rich put together for you.

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