Repurposing Your Content Into A Marketing Machine – Episode 24

e24-SethGreeneIf you want to get your business into the spotlight in your niche but don’t know how to go about doing it, this episode is especially for you. Today, Lisa chats with Seth Greene, author of many books and owner of Marketing Domination, LLC. Seth is a recognized expert in the area of online marketing and specializes in helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs create the kind of content that gets them noticed and is able to be repurposed into multiple channels to gain the exposure needed to launch their business several levels ahead of where it is now. In this episode you’re going to get so much value, be sure you set aside the time to listen and take notes!

Do you want to have a podcast but are a bit intimidated?

One of the amazing done-for-you services that Seth Greene’s company provides is a podcast production service that does everything. They help you get set up. They find your guests. They set up your recording times. They edit and produce the show after it’s finished. They post the episode everywhere it should be and promote it all across the internet. It truly is a situation where you simply have to show up for the recording of the podcast episode and everything else is taken care of – and your business grows as a result. You can hear how Seth’s team pulls off all these things on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle, with Lisa Sasevich.

What if your podcast was MORE than a podcast?

It can be, and it SHOULD be. Seth Greene believes that it’s foolish to great outstanding content – like a podcast episode – and then leave it to languish in internet obscurity. He believes that every piece of content that truly has value to your audience can be repurposed into another piece of valuable content in another format. And he believes that it SHOULD be done every single time. On this episode Seth describes how his team accomplished that for their clients and the impact it’s having on their bottom line. Be sure you hear what he has to say.

The only thing limiting you is the story you’re telling yourself.

That is one of the inspiration bombs that Seth Greene shares on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle. He believes that most people who build a business really do have great levels of expertise that need to be shared with their niche, but too many of them tell themselves that they’ve not earned the right to be “big time” yet. That is a misinformed notion that they are telling themselves and it’s the one thing that’s limiting their success. Seth and Lisa chat about that concept and give valuable tips on how you can get past limiting beliefs like that and make your business shine, on this episode.

Would you like a free copy of Seth’s new book and an invite to his webinar?

Seth Greene has proven over the years that he has the knowledge and expertise to help business owners become even more successful through carefully crafted and executed marketing plans. Now he’s written a book, “Podcast Marketing Madness” that he’s offering to you for free. But he’s giving away more than a book – he’s also providing you access to a free webinar that will show you all the tricks and tips he uses to advance the notoriety and fame of his clients. What are you waiting for? Check out the resource links of this episode to get your freebies!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Lisa’s introduction to this episode with Seth Green about creating podcasts and more.
  • [1:54] Who is Seth Greene?
  • [3:31] How Seth learned not to spend the money until the check clears..
  • [8:05] How Seth’s experience changed his approach to business and sales.
  • [9:19] Making sure you are no longer the best kept secret in your niche.
  • [11:14] The biggest mistakes people make when starting podcasts.
  • [14:38] How podcasters can maximize the reach of their show.
  • [16:57] Strategies Seth uses to bring his specialization online.
  • [19:45] How to repurpose content into other channels.
  • [21:30] How to get your repurposing done through Seth’s webinar.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

SETH’S FREE BOOK & WEBINAR: Podcast Marketing Madness

Seth’s website:
Marketing Domination, LLC