How To Discover Your Creative Time and Maximize Your Day – Episode 26

e26-CraigBallantyneEvery person, every entrepreneur wants to be the most effective and powerful version of themselves they can be. But it doesn’t happen by accident, you’ve got to learn how to maximize your day in order for it to be a reality. If you want to do that, our guest today, Craig Ballantyne, says that you’ve got to learn what your personal “creative time” is and how to use it to greatest effect. On this episode Craig walks through his “3C” formula for implementing your own creative time and the mindsets that surround it to help you become the most effective and powerful version of yourself.

Do you function every day in your own personal “creative time?”

You may not realize it but the most effective times for you are those times when your body and mind are most attuned to be productive. You’ll find that those are the times when you crank out work, are most creative, and surprise even yourself. Every person has a creative time but most don’t know it. On this episode Craig Ballantyne teaches us how to discover when our creative time is and how to use that knowledge to maximize our lives – be sure to listen to this episode to crank up your life.

Learn to control what you can.

The point of discovering and making the most of your own personal creative time is to control the things that are within your control. You’ve got to make the most of the things that have been placed within your purview in order to make the most of them. That’s how your personal creative time can be leveraged – it enables you to do the most effective things you can do during the time when you are best optimized to do them. That way you make the most of every day. That’s how Craig says you can create “perfect days.” Find out more on this episode.

How should you handle the things that are outside your control?

When life spins out of control, which is more often than we’d like to admit, what do you do? Worry? Anxiously try to control things? Get rude and pushy in an effort to gain your balance and put things into your realm of control? In the end none of those things is helpful or kind. The alternative and more healthy thing to do is to learn how to COPE with things that are outside your control. You can’t do anything about them, so you have to learn to live with them. Today’s guest, Craig Ballantyne will help you learn how to think about those uncontrollable things and put the rest of your life that you can control to work for you.

In the end, it’s structure that gives you freedom.

It may sound counterintuitive but structure is what provides the context in which you can enjoy freedom: freedom from stress, freedom from worry, and freedom from the expectations and pressures others may place upon you. On this episode Craig Ballantyne shares how you can create the structure that sets you up to experience your “perfect day” over and over, which in turn will maximize your ability to be more productive and ultimately more successful. You’ve got to hear his insights – they’re worth gold.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:26] Lisa’s welcome to the episode and introduction of Craig Ballantyne.
  • [3:36] Craig’s background and history of helping people.
  • [5:25] Discovering your creative time: How Craig did it and teaches it.
  • [6:44] The Perfect Day Formula kit and how it works.
  • [8:34] The “3C” formula that Craig teaches.
  • [12:40] The importance of being willing to repel people.
  • [15:41] Craig’s fitness businesses and what he’s most excited about right now.
  • [18:21] A tip for successful webinars: Use a hook to keep people to the end.
  • [19:20] Why structure is what gives you freedom.
  • [22:18] Planning, preparation, and focus – even for kids.
  • [23:11] How you can get Craig’s daily essays.

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