Serious Cash from Course and Product Licensing – Episode 27

e27-RobertAllenHave you ever considered the possibility of licensing your informational products to other people or organizations who you allow to use your products for trainings and events? You might want to think it through because it can be a very powerful way to increase your revenue with very little extra work. Today’s guest, Robert Allen is a pro at entering into those kinds of joint venture partnerships where his long standing, powerful resources are used by others and they send him checks for the privilege of using them. You can find out how Robert has done this over and over to make serious cash.

The power of creating something that works for others.

Before you can even think about licensing your information or training for others to use, you’ve got to create your unique, signature product or talk that teaches people “your way” of doing things. It’s something that Lisa emphasizes over and over and is the foundation to any future income that you’re able to get from a licensing deal with others. On this episode Robert Allen teaches how to leverage that initial product for maximum value.

Licensing others to use your lures to fish in their pond.

When talking about licensing works, Robert Allen likens the process to fishing. He’s created a great program or two in his lifetime and each of them is like the bait or lure that he uses to go fishing for customers. But there are others out there who have very large fishing ponds of their own. By licensing his products to others he’s allowing them to use his bait in their pond which provides their customers with great value and new information and gives Robert a great return on the initial creation of his product or course. You’ll learn many of the steps Robert takes to make this kind of partnership happen, on this episode.

The real power of a licensing agreement comes when the course is over.

You might not have thought of this, but after you’ve made all your money from licensing your products to another person or organization – and after they’ve concluded their event or training using your materials – you’ve got a great opportunity to market your other content and materials to a brand new audience – their audience. That’s because built in to your licensing agreement is the right to have access to those customers who registered for the program you just licensed to the other organization. You were then able to reach out to a brand new audience with material they have never heard before, which brings added value to them and makes more money for you.

Licensing deals depend on joint venture partnerships.

These days Robert Allen is spending a good deal of his time approaching others who he knows have great followings, making his pitch that they use his materials in a joint venture project. He’s finding that many of the big-name marketers and sales trainers are very open to this sort of arrangement because it enables them to offer quality training and information to Their audience with very little effort on their part. They are able to stay at the front of the ideal customers radar and still make lots of money, even though they are not producing brand new content on their own. It’s an ingenious way to join forces and Robert Allen pulls back the curtain to show how it works on this episode.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Lisa’s introduction to this episode with Robert Allen.
  • [1:42] How is Robert Allen?
  • [4:40] The kind of transformation Robert is providing these days and how he got to this point.
  • [11:40] Why you’ve got to create something that works first and foremost, then give away pieces of the deal.
  • [15:14] What does it look like when Robert licenses his materials to others?
  • [20:42] The importance of getting leads from a licensing agreement.
  • [24:54] Creating your info product with the goal to license it eventually.
  • [26:23] How Robert goes about lead attraction.
  • [30:27] Is it possible to automate this kind of lead generation?
  • [34:00] The future courses that Robert is working on now.

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