Become a Successful Coach and Build a Successful Practice – Episode 28

ep28-ChristianMickelsenOne of the best ways to get your name out there is to offer the skills and experiences you’ve gleaned during life as a coach to others who are not as far along the path as you are. Today’s guest is Christian Mickelsen, a guy who has tons to share from his own experience and his mission to get the whole world coached. He’s ultra successful, sharing the stage with people like Tony Robbins and others. Today you’re going to hear Christian’s story, how he hired his first coach, how he decided to become a coach himself, and what he recommends to you to get your own coaching practice started now.

It took being coached to recognize that he could be a coach.

The first step to Christian becoming a life-changing coach for so many entrepreneurs and business professionals was him getting coaching for himself. He had been in a stale season of his life, was in a bad relationship, and struggling overall. His coach helped him so much it opened the door to the possibility of him learning to be a coach for others. He started, had 3 or 4 clients within a month, and made tons of mistakes. But it was the beginning of the journey that has carried him to great levels of success.

How Christian learned that giving away free sessions was NOt the way to build his business.

In coaching circles you often hear that a good way to get started is to offer an introductory session to people so they can see the benefit of paying for your coaching services. Christian Mickelsen tried that approach and found that there was something inherently wrong with the approach. Because the first session is free, it caters to people who likely don’t have the money to pay for coaching or the drive to take it seriously and apply what they learn in their coaching sessions. It was when he decided to pivot his approach to a much higher fee scale that he was able to turn up his business incredibly. Find out how Christian describes that process, on this episode.

What kind of businessperson is a best fit to become a coach?

Christian Mickelsen has built his great success on coaching coaches on how to be a better coach and build a successful coaching practice. His belief is that most professionals with experience in their niche or industry are prime candidates to offer what they’ve learned as a coach. He believes that any person who speaks, presents, develops courses, or does training of any kind can and should become a coach. On this episode Christian opens the door to the opportunities that could be waiting for you to take advantage of to build your own coaching business.

The best way Christian has found to get new clients.

Many people who work to build up their coaching practice do so through free or “no obligation” coaching sessions. Christian understands the approach but feels that most of the time those offers are far too generic. He suggests that coaches promote their sessions to specific subject areas. Some examples are: “Find Your SoulMate Today.” “How to Build $500 of Income Per Month in 30 days,” etc. If those examples are not enough to get your creative juices going, listen to this episode to find out how Christian suggests you leverage your specialized knowledge and skills to begin getting clients today.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:00] Lisa’s introduction of Christian Mickelsen
  • [2:45] How Christian decided to become a coach and why he stuck with it.
  • [8:00] How free coaching proved to NOT be the way to build a clientele.
  • [11:10] The move to super high, ultra exclusive fees and coaching coaches.
  • [13:30] The type of people who could benefit from adding coaching to their services.
  • [15:12] How Christian looks at his offline and online strategy for getting new clients.
  • [23:00] Christian’s free book that you can get today.
  • [27:48] Christian’s advice to those who want to ramp up their coaching business.

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