5 Power Principles for Successful One to Many Sales – Episode 29

ep29-LisaSasevichSales is nothing more than helping people solve their problems. You want to do that, and you need to do it in order to increase your revenue and build that lifestyle you want. But it’s not always the best use of your time to sell one to one. On this episode Lisa is going to give you 5 powerful things you can implement into your digital offers that enable you to sell one to many and increase your sales in amazing ways. Each of these tips is laid out for you clearly and simply so you can not only understand it, but implement it immediately. Be sure you listen. This episode could change your income almost overnight.

Why you have to use a hook for a title to your seminar.

Have you ever noticed that when a new store or restaurant is opened in your neighborhood, you’re drawn to go and check it out when the exterior of the building is attractive? What’s the equivalent when it comes to online events like webinars, teleseminars, and free offers? It’s the hooky title you use to pique the person’s interest. Lisa shares a handful of great techniques you can use to craft those titles to be appealing, winsome, and intriguing on this episode, so be sure you take the time to hear what she has to share.

Do you have the right Promise-Solution / Problem-Solution storyline?

When you present an online webinar or seminar – or even when you create a free e-book or resource as a lead generation magnet, it’s one thing to put a lot of value into it, but it’s another to do so in a way that leads the person to the next step in your sales funnel. On this episode Lisa shares what she refers to as the “PS/PS storyline” that every one of your events or products needs to include. What is it? You’ll get every detail you need to implement this powerful funnel advancing step into your products and webinars, on this episode.

The power of having ONE call to action.

Research has shown that multiple “asks” in the same presentation confuse your audience and water down your results. You may think, “But I have so many different things I can offer my audience!” That’s true, and all the more reason you should create specific events/offerings to present surrounding each of those areas. And within each of those events or offerings you need to have ONE call to action. Only one. This keeps your message powerful, simple, and most of all, actionable. Lisa’s going to share the mindset and approach to a single call to action on this episode, so be sure you get a pen and paper to take some great notes.

Limiters can drive your sales to the next level.

When we speak of a “limiter” we’re talking about something you build into your offering that creates a sense of urgency in the mind of the person considering a purchase. You want to give them reason to purchase your course or offering now, not later. Examples of limiting devices could be limited-time offers, limited quantities of inventory, limited space in a class or event, etc. Lisa has some great insights to share on this episode about how you should and should NOT use limiters in your offers, so be sure you listen.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:16] Lisa’s introduction to today’s episode: 5 principles for One to Many sales.
  • [2:00] Why the order of your steps matters.
  • [4:10] Why to always use a hook as a title.
  • [8:57] What is your PS-PS storyline? (Problem – Solution)
  • [12:23] Why you have to have ONLY ONE call to action.
  • [15:23] Keep your offer flexible, virtual, and easily delivered.
  • [17:46] The power of using limiters – quantity and time.

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