3 Ways to Meet Your Clients Where They Are

It’s a good idea to meet your clients where they are in order to support them in moving forward.

meet-3-waysThey could be in different places geographically, financially, and in their mindset. So when you’re looking for ways to meet them you want to consider all three:

Meet them geographically. Technology is a great way to bridge the geographic gap; in fact, that’s how we’ve been able to teach people from 37 different countries! We offer teleseminars and webinars; we’ve offered livestreams. CDs and DVDs are other ways to teach without requiring your students to travel. 

Meet them financially. For people who either don’t have the resources or who aren’t quite ready to make the financial commitment to themselves so that they always would have the resources, we offer many free—and almost free—peeks into our teachings. These include our numerous free calls and videos, ezine articles, this blog, our backstage passes, and our fun $18 offers.

And while you do want to provide your clients an array of options, it’s important to keep giving your ideal clients the opportunity to step up. There is a tight correlation between the level of investment a person makes and the amount of action they take. And, of course, the amount of action they take correlates to the amount of results they enjoy. I call this the Upward Spiral Effect.

Meet their mindset. People are in different places around giving themselves the gift of transformation. The challenge is that many of your clients who are weak in that area are the ones who most need to show up and benefit from your programs.

So, again, while acknowledging where they are, also give them what they need so that they can jump over their own internal hurdles and come and get the amazing transformation that you’re offering.

How do you do that? By making a very clear Irresistible Offer™ complete with limiters and bonuses they’re dying to have.

If you’d like to learn more about Irresistible Offers as well as our programs and live events, you can do that here.