Building An Online Sales Machine That Works Long Term – Episode 30

Podcast-Cover-Episode-30There are many ways you can approach the task of moving your business into the online space. Justin Livingston is today’s guest and he’s an expert at all of them, serving as an advisor to most of the 7 figure online launch successes in recent history. On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle he’s pulling back the curtain to explain the 3 approaches you could take to building an online presence and why one of them is his “go to” model every single time. It affords him the opportunity to strategize and build a business faster and more securely than any other. You’ll want to hear this.

The 3 approaches to building an online sales machine.

Justin Livingston is an experienced pro at building online business through a variety of models and on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle he explains the three main ways of building an online business: Lagging, Linking, and Leading. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, which you may not be aware of. But no worries, Justin’s going to walk you through each of them and outline the pros and cons inherent to each, then give you his perspective on which one you should begin with – and more importantly – why you should choose that one over the others.

Leading people into an effective conversion process.

When it comes to gaining online sales, Justin Livingston believes that you want to do so from a place of security and low stress. Though he’s very experienced at product launches and uses the launch approach to this day, he insists that it’s not the way to go if you want security and low stress. Instead, he recommends that everyone begin with what he calls the “leading” approach to building an online business. It’s a way of establishing a relationship with your prospects that takes them one step at a time into your sales funnel and produces a conversion, and a loyal customer. You’ll get the details of what that looks like on this episode.
What qualifies as truly “evergreen” content – and why do you need it?

The very first aspect of a successful sales funnel offers what industry leaders call “evergreen” content. It’s something free, of great value to your ideal prospect, that is always relevant to their needs and easily leads them down the path to a future purchase. True evergreen content is the same for everyone, no matter when they get into your sequence or what stage of their business they are in when they do. And here’s the most important part: it works on autopilot, 24/7, without you having to touch it. It’s an automatic lead capture machine that builds your business even while you’re sleeping. You can find out how evergreen content works and receive Justin Livingston’s free training on how to build it, on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle.

If you want to build an automated sales machine, why not learn from the best?

Justin Livingston’s credentials in online sales, marketing, product launches, and webinars are too numerous to list here. He’s an advisor to many of the biggest names in the direct marketing and sales industry. In this episode of the podcast Justin generously makes his approach to building an online sales machine available to you, and it will cost you nothing. He also throws in a bonus resource teaching you how he sets up his webinar sequence to maximize sales for his company and his clients. You can get all the details on this episode of the show, so be sure you make the time to listen.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:22] Lisa’s introduction to this episode: CEO of Lucrative Luminary Training, Justin Livingston.
  • [4:22] The unique transformation Justin provides to his clients.
  • [6:51] How Justin discovered his ability to help people transform and scale their business.
  • [9:41] Justin’s unique approach about how to build a sales machine online.
  • [12:00] 3 ways to get started online and scale a business.
  • [15:42] Justin’s definition of a true “evergreen” sequence.
  • [19:50] The first launch Justin ever did, how it hit over 7 figures, and what made it possible.
  • [23:22] How you can get more of Justin’s approach via his free eBook.
  • [26:51] Why Lisa chose this show as the season finale.
  • [27:31] Justin’s final advice and suggestions.

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