Positioning Your Offer In Successful Teleseminars and Webinars – Episode 31

ep31-LisaCherneyIf you are already selling your coaching or training online and are not conducting teleseminars or webinars, what are you waiting for? When Lisa discovered the “magic” that teleseminars and webinars bring to the sales process she was hooked – because her business exploded. But she’s not the only one. When she began doing her own teleseminars she was able to teach others how to experience the success she’d already discovered and one of those was Lisa Cherney. On this episode you’re going to hear from both Lisas about their journey into teleseminars and webinars and how those platforms have turned into tons more revenue and more personal and lifestyle time. Sound impossible? It’s not. Find out how they do it consistently to this day on this episode.

When you’ve got a great offer don’t you want more people to know about it?

Of course you do. That’s what marketing is all about, right? But what are the most effective ways to market? THAT is the real question. Lisa Cherney says that teleseminars and webinars are the main way she was able to turn a fledgling coaching and sales business into a powerhouse of income generation and product sales. The success of her Cash Through Clarity program is just one example of how she’s taken her message to the masses through teleseminars and webinars with tremendous results. On this episode you’re going to hear Lisa unpack what it means to position your webinar in 5 key areas so that you can get the biggest results from your efforts and see the sales come in.

What is meant by “positioning” and how is it crucial to a successful online offer?

We hope you’re sold on the idea of doing teleseminars and webinars by now. It’s one of the best ways to expand your offer to more people at once and get genuine responses from people who are interested in and in need of what you have to teach them. But if you’re going to take the time to produce a teleseminar or webinar you need to make sure you’re doing it right – which means you’ve got to learn how to “position” it right. On this episode Lisa Sasevich and Lisa Cherney are going to walk you through the 5 basic steps of positioning that will enable your event to have the maximum impact it can have. You won’t want to miss this one.

It’s vital that you position your AUDIENCE, not just your offer.

Anyone who clicks on a link because they are interested in your teleseminar or webinar is doing so because it initially feels like what you’re talking about could be of help to them… and that feeling comes from what Lisa Sasevich refers to as their “inner dialogue.” It’s not some mystical hocus pocus, it’s the thoughts and stories they are telling themselves about their current problem or area of need. As you think about the webinar and the offer you are going to make in that webinar you need to know how to tap into that “inner dialogue” of your ideal attendee so that you can communicate your offer in a way that addresses their felt need powerfully. On this episode you’re going to learn how Lisa and her friend Lisa Cheney do that and find out how you can set up your online event for success.

The 5 steps to positioning your online event for incredible success!

If you’ve never put on a webinar or teleseminar you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Lisa Sasevich and Lisa Cherney have partnered together to teach you the 5 key areas of positioning that every effective webinar or teleseminar needs to contain so that you can have success right out of the gate. You can hear their deep dive into one of those areas on this episode of the podcast and you can find out how to get their free 3 module course on positioning your online event as well. Be sure you take the time to listen. This could be the doorway that opens up huge channels of success for you.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:24] Lisa’s introduction to this episode and her guest Lisa Cherney.
  • [5:20] Why Lisa’s family enrolled in “Trapeze School”.
  • [8:19] Why teleseminars and webinars are a powerful way to change the game for your success.
  • [11:50] How Lisa Cherney connected with Lisa Sasevich through a teleseminar.
  • [12:40] A free 3 part training Lisa Sasevich has created – you can get it by listening.
  • [13:20] What does it mean to “position” yourself for success? 5 steps.
  • [15:57] How to position your audience as based on their “inner dialogue.”
  • [22:46] Positioning your offer so attendees are able to get more from you (the sale).
  • [30:00] How you can get this 3 module training absolutely free.

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