Simple Ways To Make Money Online

E33MarkOstrofskyIf you want to make money online this is the episode for you.

The man who’s sharing with us today is a professional at making money online. It’s almost like he invented the idea, he’s been at it so long. Marc Ostrofsky has made millions in the domain name space alone, having sold for 7.5 million dollars. And he’s done it again and again over the years with other domain names. But that’s not the only way he makes money online. Marc has 4 primary ways he makes recurring income online and today’s episode is a creative gold mine of information that he lays out for you to use to make money online for yourself. You won’t want to miss this one.

Those who get it are going to do it and make money.

Marc Ostrofsky isn’t shy about saying that he makes lots of money online. And he’s not shy about saying that you can do it too. In fact, he says that he loves to openly explain the methods he and others are using to make millions each year and that those who get it are going to do it and make money. Those who don’t get it won’t do it and will continue to get what they’ve always gotten. It’s just about guaranteed that you’ll find an opportunity to make money online that you’ve never heard of before, on this episode.

Domain names are the equivalent of online real estate.

One of the reasons that Marc Ostrofsky started purchasing domain names years ago when the internet was still very young is because he recognized immediately that domain names were the equivalent of online real estate. That led him to snatch up many domain names when they were cheap in the hopes that they might be valuable later on. He was right. One example is that Marc purchased for $75 and now has it set up to forward to a ticket purchasing site that pays him a comission for every ticket that is sold. It’s one example of how he makes money online for doing nothing every day.
Affiliate income is one of the simplest ways to make money online.

Marc Ostrofsky is unashamedly enthusiastic about affiliate income opportunities. Maybe you don’t know what affiliate income is. Simply put, it’s a product owner paying you to bring purchasers to their product. There are sites you can sign up for like Clickbank that provide you access to thousands of products that you can promote where every time someone you refer to the site purchases, you get paid. There are other “private” affiliate opportunities that you can find on almost every website that sells a product. All it takes for you to make money from those affiliate relationships is to find people who can benefit from the products that are for sale and get the offer in front of them.

Every lead has a value and the goal is to find out what that value is.

One of the sites that Marc Ostrofsky owns that makes him millions each year is It’s a site that actually sells cuff links to individual consumers and big brands alike. On this episode Marc tells how he leverages his ability to attract leads (potential customers) through Google Ads or Facebook Ads to make the most out of his site and his products. Every lead has a value, and Marc calculates what that value is so he knows how much he can afford to spend in order to make a profit. If he can pay $1 to get a qualified lead to his site and make $10 from that lead, he’s making money all day long. You can hear more of what Marc has to share on this great episode.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:40] Lisa’s introduction of Marc Ostrofsky.
  • [4:03] How Marc’s income comes from 4 different streams.
  • [12:01] Two ways people make millions online with nothing but knowledge.
  • [15:54] Why the goal is to get lead generation in any way you can.
  • [17:25] The single most important thing of any business model: your database.
  • [18:38] Three things you need to know about the value of your leads.
  • [22:01] Why it’s important to ask your clients what they need or what you can do better.
  • [23:28] How to monetize your list without renting it out to others.

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