How to Magically Attract Your Ideal Client

E24-DaveDeeToday’s guest is Dave Dee of GKIC, and his mastery is getting into the heart and mind of your customer quickly, especially using online tools. Dave inspires entrepreneurs and business owners on how to have more successful business that give them more freedom, more money, and more personal fulfillment. On today’s episode we’re going to cover the 4 most powerful questions you can use right away to identify your ideal client and create the perfect lead magnet to attract them through online methods. You’re also going to get a super cool free tool that you can use to see what search words people are using in your industry, plus learn a special technique to show you where your ideal prospect needs help and how can you communicate in a way that stands out to them.

Before Dave became a master of lead collection, he started off as a professional magician.

Dave received a lot of negative feedback about pursuing a profession in magic even though it was his passion, but he decided to pursue his dream anyway. After attending a conference and hearing Dan Kennedy speak on marketing – where Dan explained that it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if people don’t know about you or hear about you – Dave ended up investing in his course and implemented it in 3 days, immediately catapulting from 3 shows per month to averaging 25 shows per month. After his huge success, other business owners started asking how he was doing it. He started consulting business around him, and after 3 years Dan Kennedy personally asked him to take over the marketing for GKIC – he is now the Chief Marketing Strategist for GKIC.
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It isn’t necessarily the quantity of leads you are generating online, but rather the quality. Having a huge list doesn’t really matter if it isn’t responsive. To attract the right people, you need to create a lead generation magnet, which is a piece of information – it could be a video, a free report or PDF, a podcast, an article, etc. It’s information that your ideal prospect would be drawn to, and that would help them solve a problem they have. By giving valuable information first, you attract the right people using a lower barrier of entry. The vast majority of people aren’t ready to buy right off the bat. By using a lead generation magnet that provides value, you create interest in taking things further by becoming a client, patient, or member.
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To identify who your ideal client is, Dave Dee recommends that you answer these questions:

  1. What keeps the person who you want to serve awake at night, lying in bed unable to fall asleep (as it relates to the product or service you are selling)?
  2. What is the first thing that you can give to help them instantly?
  3. What do they secretly, privately desire most?
  4. How does your prospect fill in this sentence?: “If I could just _____”

Dave’s Take-Home Assignment:
Block off some time on your calendar and write a letter – but it’s not a sales letter. Become your ideal prospect, and write down a heartfelt letter about what you fear, what you desire, and what you need, and ask for help. This will help you to understand your ideal prospect on an emotional heart level, what is going on inside that person. Your communication will come across so much more powerfully because it is genuine.

Outline of this great episode

  • [2:10] Lisa Introduction of Dave Dee
  • [10:50] How to reach your ideal client, the people who need you most
  • [13:30] Reverse engineering with the end in mind helps attract the right people at the beginning
  • [16:30] The four questions you need to answer to identify your ideal client and know how to reach them
  • [25:30] Dave’s take-home assignment
  • [29:00] Get Dave’s free gift

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

  • BuzzSumo
  • The 54 Point Marketing Checklist (Dave’s free gift!)