How To Make Passive Income Through Automated Systems

e35-MikeKoenigsYou landed on this page because you really WANT to know how to make passive income. That’s good because Lisa Sasevich has a guy on this episode of her podcast that can give you the straight scoop on making passive income through automated systems. His name is Mike Koenigs and he’s been working on internet projects since the days of AOL. Mike created some amazing ways to generate leads automatically and passively generate sales to solve his own problems. His systems worked so well he’s made them available to the general public. If you take the next 30 or so minutes to listen to this conversation you’re not only going to hear what Mike has done, you’re going to receive an invitation to see Mike’s video demonstration of how his systems work and what they can do for you. Interested? Give this a listen.

Automation is the key to building passive income streams.

When we talk about passive income what we’re trying to communicate is that money continues to come into your bank account even if you are not working at it at the moment. For example, many people who have successfully built passive income streams wake up to email messages that tell them of sales that have happened overnight. They continue to gather leads and make sales even when they are on vacation. That is TRUE passive income and it only happens through automation. Today’s guest – Mike Koenigs – is an expert at building those kinds of automated systems. In fact, he’s got one that he wants to demonstrate to you for free, so take the time to listen so you can learn how to see Mike’s demon for yourself.

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One of the myths about passive income is that it’s easy to generate. It’s true, but only AFTER the systems are in place that actually generate the leads and make the sales. There’s a lot of upfront work that goes into building a passive income machine and a lot of tweaking you have to do on the front end to dial-in the process to be the most effective. Mike Koenigs has taken a lot of the pain of that process away by creating software systems that anyone can use to set up their own automation for a lead generation and sales funnel. You can hear Mike describe what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to set up your own passive income systems, on this episode.

Don’t listen to everyone who tries to tell you how to generate passive income.

That’s because a lot of people out there touting passive income systems don’t really know what they’re talking about. The only people you want to listen to on the subject are people who actually do it on a significant scale. If a passive income guru is not bringing in at least $4000 a month through their passive income systems you should be a little suspect. Today’s guest surpasses that number by far. Mike Koenigs makes profits each month that exceed $20K and he’s on the show today to explain how he does it – and how you can apply the same tools and principles to make your product, course, or coaching course into an automated sales engine to fuel your lifestyle.

Here’s how you can make your own passive income system.

As the creator of Traffic Geyser and The Infomercial Toolkit, Mike Koenigs is the man to learn from when it comes to setting up automated sales systems. The tools he’s created not only make sales automatically, they continue to attract and generate qualified leads automatically. That’s the entire sales cycle, from lead generation and capture to closing the sale in an automated system. On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle Mike offers you an invitation to come check out his system, see how easy it is to set up, and notice the benefits it could be to your lead generation and sales process. His demo is entirely free, so what are you waiting for?

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Lisa’s introduction to this episode with Mike Koenigs.
  • [1:30] Mike’s experience and specialty that you can learn from today.
  • [4:45] Who Mike serves and the kind of transformation he provides.
  • [6:57] Mike’s personal before and after story relating to automated income streams.
  • [11:33] The story of how Mike created Traffic Geyser.
  • [15:36] The automated systems Mike points out that you can use to attract clients.
  • [21:16] How Mike uses his books to generate more leads.
  • [22:56] How you can opt-in to Mike’s presentation to see what he’s talking about today.
  • [29:13] How you can use Mike’s system to generate income.
  • [34:15] The most effective sales video Mike ever made.

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