Grow Your List Through Social Media Marketing – Episode 37

e37-NathanKievmanThis season’s theme is all about expanding your reach by getting your work online! On today’s show, we’re exploring one of the most powerful interviews from my Automated Income Secrets training series. My guest Nathan Kievman will be giving us the low-down on the best social media platforms and strategies to grow your list with people form your target market, plus how to nurture and convert those leads. Are you ready to get Sassy with me? Let’s dive in!


Nathan is a highly sought after digital strategist, speaker and social media consultant and trainer. Nathan works with thought leaders, universities, big companies and marketing companies. He has spent 2 years figuring out how to generate quality leads for his consulting practice. The value they provide is from the strategy they teach, not so much from the tactics. He would get 300-700 people from LinkedIn from free calls he was doing.

Here’s Nathan’s favorite way to describe the social media platforms:

  • Facebook – The cocktail party, the social conversation.
  • Twitter – The bathroom, the short conversation.
  • LinkedIn – The boardroom, where professionals hang out and a lot of business gets done. LinkedIn has over 200 million users, and is full of decision makers identifying themselves; it is a playground for direct response marketing.

What is Nathan’s method?
Based on the principles from Tom Searcy, people make a decision to give you a chance based on trust, credibility and risk. For a buying decision they need confidence around time, money and risk. They are always on the lookout for a compelling, low risk proposition.

The Daily Method of Operation

  1. Who is your Market? Who do you want to talk to?
  2. Learning LinkedIn to search and find your market.
  3. Start contacting them one at a time.

Write a template message that you test and test and can be used over and over. Here’s what you need to include:

  • Why are you credible? Why are you uniquely different? How will this benefit me?
  • What’s the low risk proposition for me to take action right now?
  • Include cues to build up trust and credibility to establish a value proposition that is uniquely different. The value proposition has to address time, money & risk – For example: “In as little as 30 days we typically generate for a client between 50-300 pre-qualified pre-targeted appointments from your core target market. We guarantee this or your money back.”
    • 30 days is time, money is leads & risk is handled by the guarantee.

LinkedIn is better for those moving to high ticket transactions. There are gatekeepers on LinkedIn that hold access to your entire market.

  • The CEO – Talks cash
  • The VP of Marketing – Spends that cash
  • The risk is different for each person

Nathan has more leads than he can handle. He gets about 200 inquiries each month.
Nathan did have to refine his offer a lot and make it less complex (Your offer has to be really clear – Don’t beat around the bush with it). He refined his offer from 45 minutes to 5 minutes because they addressed time, money and risk. Once they figured out what they can guarantee, it all opened up. They started talking in cost per lead versus quality of message. There’s a small set up fee and everything else is guaranteed. This is doubling sales. They tripled their price point in a week!

Nathan started talking about his company as a direct response and lead generation company versus a social media company. They started giving their clients an Estimated Market Opportunity up front to better qualify leads to increase conversion.

Hot Tip: Groups are one of the biggest access points in LinkedIn and community is the future, so build community!