3 Lessons Learned From Successful Online Business Since 2009

Lisa SasevichThese 3 lessons learned from Lisa’s 7 years of doing business successfully online are simple but powerful. They are not theory. They are not feel-good. These are practical things Lisa has picked up along the way to building an Inc. 500 business. Today you will hear what it means that you need to “Eat Your Own Cooking,” why it’s so important to bring others onto your team, and why your irresistible offer is the greatest value you can give to your audience. Do yourself the favor of hearing what Lisa has learned. If you apply what she shares in this episode you could begin to experience the breakthrough you’ve been needing.

Are you eating your own cooking? For business success, you have to!

Can you imagine what it would be like if you went to a high-class restaurant, began looking over the wonderful descriptions of the entrees on the menu, and noticed a statement at the bottom of the page that read, “While the chef is delighted to provide these succulent meals for you, he refuses to consume these dishes himself.” What? You’d wonder what’s wrong with the food, wouldn’t you? On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle Lisa uses the idea of eating your own cooking to drive home one of the most important business lessons she’s learned in the past 7 years as she’s built her company. Are you intrigued what she means? Listen to find out!

Here’s how you might be the bottleneck to your own success.

One of the lessons Lisa Sasevich has learned in the process of growing her business is that as the owner of the company she does NOT have to know all the answers. In fact, she doesn’t even have to know all the questions! Instead, she’s got to be committed to surrounding herself with team members who are experts in the areas she is not. When she can build a team of competent, capable people who are valued for what they bring to the whole, her own efforts are multiplied in ways she didn’t expect. On this episode, Lisa describes what happened in her business when she stopped being the bottleneck to her own success by building a great team. You need to hear this.

Why you’ve got to keep your eyes on the value you offer.

In the course of building your business, there will be many things that vie for your attention. Team issues, bookkeeping, marketing, product development, sales, technical issues, and much more. It’s easy to forget why you are doing what you are doing. One of the lessons you need to learn from the start is that your irresistible offer is a valuable thing to your audience. In fact, it’s the greatest thing you have to give them. Keep your eyes on making it available as widely and clearly as you can – and don’t think of this in terms of promotions or sales, think of it in terms of giving your audience exactly what they truly need. Find out why Lisa highlights this as one of her biggest lessons learned in the past 7 years, on this episode.

How to make your irresistible offer even more irresistible.

As the Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich often highlights the importance of developing what she calls an irresistible offer. But besides the great offer itself, there are a handful of additional things you can do to enhance the offer to make it even more appealing. One of those things is the creation and addition of bonus tools or materials that make what you’re offering even more effective or relevant. Lisa describes what it takes to create those kinds of bonus materials on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle, so be sure you take the time to listen.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:00] Lisa’s introduction to her biggest lessons learned over the last year.
  • [2:26] Why you need to eat your own cooking (and what that means)!
  • [8:19] You’ve got to be willing to grow your team.
  • [10:46] Keep providing value above all else.
  • [16:22] How you can get Lisa’s help tweaking your sales conversion machine.