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Push the Limits of Your Success by Increasing Your Having Level

Lisa SasevichEvery entrepreneur should be pushing the limits of their success, working hard to make things happen on an ever-increasing scale. But often we get stuck, unsure about how to make it happen. I’ve recorded this episode to give you a 3-part experiment aimed at helping you learn how you can do the one thing I’ve discovered that has pushed the levels of my success. What is that one thing? I learned how to increase my “Having Level.” I know it’s not a concept you’ve heard much about, so be sure you make the time to listen to this episode in order to find out what it is and how you can increase it in your life and business.

Achieve super success by increasing your “Having Level” mindset

What in the world IS a “having level?” It’s a mindset really, a way of thinking about what you are ABLE to have through your business efforts. If you truly want to push the limits of your business success you’ve got to expand your having level because how you think about it is the thing that will most determine what actually happens in your business. In this episode, I tell you my story – how I came to recognize this issue in my own life and what I’ve done to change my mindset about what I’m able to have. Once I did, I’ve been able to watch everything climb to greater levels of success as a result. I hope it doesn’t sound too good to be true because I assure you, it’s been absolutely true in my life. This is worth hearing.

Have you assumed the throne as the expert you are?

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I’m known as “The Queen of Sales Conversion.” Do you know the story behind how I got that title? Here it is… just between you and me: I gave the title to myself years ago when I recognized my unique and special gift for helping people discover their irresistible offer and turn it into a successful business. And the best part is this: nobody even questioned it. To this day I’ve not had anyone ask me for the numbers to prove the claim. I simply continue to deliver my unique offer to clients and students day after day and the success I have backs it up. In this episode I explain how assuming your own throne as an expert can increase your having level and push the limits of your success, so don’t miss it!

Surround yourself with fellow experts who are doing big things

Once you’ve determined the area where you have something unique and powerful to offer the world and once you’ve crowned yourself the expert in that niche, what’s next? You can’t go it alone, that’s what! You have to immediately surround yourself with others who have come to that same point in their journey. As you rub shoulders with people who are experts in their field and are working hard to increase their own having level you’ll begin to develop and grow in the same positive mindset and attitude they have. Together, you’ll support and encourage each other and all of you will thrive. This episode highlights how you can find a community of like-minded people just like that and why it’s so valuable when it comes to pushing the limits of your success. It’s an episode worth sharing.

If you don’t know what you have to offer, who will?

So many talented, promising entrepreneurs struggle to make their business thrive because of a very simple oversight: they aren’t totally clear on what they have to offer. It sounds silly, and it is! If you don’t know what you have to offer the world, who will? In this episode, I walk you through the reasons it’s so important for you to get clear on the unique thing you have to offer and how that kind of clarity will encourage and amplify what I call your “having level.” Sound interesting? I encourage you to listen.

Episode Highlights

[1:10] Why I’m so enthused about the season of November and Thanksgiving
[3:31] How can you establish a business that has that special sense of “magic”
[5:52] What IS your “having level?”
[9:08] The place the having level typically impacts entrepreneurs: pricing
[14:27] STEP 1: Increase your having level by assuming the throne as an expert
[20:55] STEP 2: Surround yourself with experts who are doing big things
[23:34] STEP 3: Get clear about what you’re offering
[27:30] How this works in my life in practical ways


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