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How to Transform Your Sales Mindset

Eric LofholmSuccessful sales really comes down to your mindset. It sounds simple but it’s true. In this episode I’ve invited an outstanding sales coach and mentor, Eric Lofholm to speak with me about the issue of developing the right sales mindset to accelerate sales and success. Eric is one of those guys who was not successful when he first entered the sales world but through learning and personal growth, he has transformed his life and sales career – to the point he is now an in-demand sales trainer and speaker. You’ll learn valuable lessons from this conversation so I encourage you to take the time – no, to MAKE the time – to listen to what Eric shares.

From worst to first salesperson in the company, within 60 days

If you’re going to take the time to learn the sales skills that are essential to your career it’s important that you learn them from someone who has done what you need to do. Eric Lofholm is one of those guys. When he began his sales career he was the worst salesman in the company. The numbers proved it. But as he dedicated himself to training, his numbers improved rapidly. Within 60 days he was the top producer in the company and he’s only risen further since. That’s the kind of mentor you want and on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle, Eric tells you what he did to accomplish such improvement and how you can do the same.

Selling equals service to people, nothing more

When we talk about having a successful sales mindset we mean that the way you think ABOUT sales is vitally important. If you see it as an intimidating, scary thing then that’s exactly what it will be for you. But if you are able to make the small but powerful tweak to your thinking – that sales is about nothing more than serving people – you’ll turn the corner and begin to experience exciting, enthusiastic conversations that lead to more sales and a better experience of the sales process for you and your prospects. You can hear Eric Lofholm’s transformative ideas about this sales mindset difference, on this episode.

Eric Lofholm’s #1 sales closing tip: Get your prospect to “yes” before you get to the close

The close is the most nerve-wracking part of any sales presentation because it is the point at which you ask the prospect for their business – it’s the “yes/no” point where everything is on the line. When I asked Eric Lofholm for his best sales closing tips he said the key to closing a sale successfully happens long before you get to the close. Your presentation and the way you go about it has to have the prospect eager to buy your product before you even ask the question. Find out how Eric accomplishes that and what it will take for you to hone your sales skills to the same level by listening to this episode.

Who has the attention of your ideal customers? Learn how to collaborate with them

If you want to increase your sales rapidly, one of the most non-obvious things you can do is to collaborate with people who already have your ideal clients within their sphere of influence. Look around you, who are the people and what are the companies that serve the people you want to help? Those are the relationships you need to nurture and establish so you can find ways to help each other help them. This part of the conversation I had with Eric Lofholm is one of the priceless gems he shared so make sure you take the time to hear what he teaches his clients about successful and lucrative collaboration.

Episode Highlights

[1:15] Eric Lofholm: Sales coach and sales trainer extraordinaire
[4:50] How to remove your resistance to sales and learn to embrace it
[7:09] Important aspects of selling to women
[18:01] How a sales template can help you be more comfortable in sales
[19:39] What Eric means when he speaks about collaboration in the “new economy”
[24:35] The sales mountain template Eric uses to train in every industry
[28:54] Sales “no-no”s you need to be aware of

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