How Do You Identify Your True Hunger

On this episode, I chat with my dear friend, Cynthia Pasquella Garcia, founder of the Institute for Transformational Nutrition. Today we discuss hunger, but not the kind of hunger you’re thinking of. This hunger comes from deep within and defines who you really are. Have you been suppressing this true hunger? Have you been trying to satiate it with food? You are not alone. Listen to this interview to find out what you can do to alleviate your hunger and find your true self.

What are you really hungry for?

As Cynthia’s story unfolds, we discover how she found her passion. Like many of us, she found herself overworking, overeating, and suffering poor health as a result. Her poor health caused her to lose her job and she soon found herself on the floor of her shower at her true rock bottom. She then had a moment of clarity, a profound moment when she discovered how she would turn her life around. Listen to this interview to hear how her struggles led her to find out what she was really hungry for and how she found her true self. Now she helps others discover what they are truly hungry for. Listen in to learn excellent strategies for identifying your true hunger.

A nutrition program that nourishes the whole self

After Cynthia’s epiphany, she knew she was going to begin helping people. So from there, she decided to heal her body by learning about nutrition, psychology, and spirituality. This led to her combine all of those elements to create the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Her program is one of a kind in that it combines those three important elements to transform the whole self. Listen to Cynthia as she tells us how her program is different from other nutrition programs and can how it can help each person feed their true self.

What does it mean to be a hungry entrepreneur?

Your hunger is your why. Women especially, tend to feed their true hunger with food. Listen in for some incredible tips on how to satisfy that hunger and save your waistline. Have you really owned your hunger? True hunger helps you understand who you really are. Once you begin to understand who you are, then you can own yourself without trying to change yourself. Once you accept who you are and why you do what you do you will see true transformation. If you are ready to hear how to transform yourself listen to this podcast.

It’s not about willpower, it’s about finding your power

You feel like you don’t have willpower, but maybe willpower isn’t what you really need. Listen to this episode to learn all about the transformational nutrition guide to what you’re really hungry for. This guide is a fantastic taste of what Cynthia offers at the Institute for Transformational Nutrition. You’ll discover the answers to important questions, like why do we plateau? We always seem to seek the answer outside of ourselves, but the answer truly comes from within.

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Episode Highlights

[3:43] We learn about Cynthia’s story
[15:22] We discuss hunger and what that means for entrepreneurs
[19:15] Some tips for satisfying that hunger
[23:05] Peeling back the onion
[27:10] Cynthia’s gifts for our listeners
[29:32] The hungry method quick start guide


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