How to Use Emotional Empowerment to Sell Effectively

Pamela Bruner on Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle with Lisa SasevichHave you been having trouble with sales? Do you have a fear of selling? If this sounds like you then you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle. My guest today is Pamela Bruner, an emotional empowerment expert who helps transformational entrepreneurs abolish their fears of selling. Pamela used to have a fear of sales and marketing but was able to remove those fears and build a million dollar business in less than 3 years! Pamela turned her fears into success by helping others turn their fear into an opportunity for emotional empowerment.

Go beyond the sales mindset

Pamela has always loved to help others. She discovered how to turn her experience into an opportunity to help other women find their own emotional empowerment. She helps transformational entrepreneurs achieve their success by removing their sales fears. Sometimes business owners, especially women need to get beyond the mindset of selling. She teaches women how to express themselves and their values through marketing and increase sales. If you are curious about how to express yourself through marketing and maintain your values listen in to this episode to hear the full conversation.

Tap into your empowered understanding

Have you heard of EFT or tapping? Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is a cutting-edge technique that can provide amazing results by freeing mental blocks, calming fears, and helping you step into an empowered understanding. If you’re curious and want to learn more then listen in to this episode as Pamela gives a great introduction to EFT. We get a peek into some tapping techniques that can help you remove your sales fears. Listen to the show as Pamela gives me a live demonstration of tapping. This exercise can bring an inner confidence and energy into you and your sales ability.

How to attract women buyers

Sometimes women have a hard time marketing or selling, but actually, women are natural sellers. Women respond to authenticity so it is important to demonstrate your values in your marketing. It may seem counterintuitive, but this is what women respond to. Women tend to be more emotionally driven and heart-centered when making purchases, so showing you’re demonstrating your core values in your marketing can really help attract female buyers. Listen in to learn some simple steps to transform women into buyers.

Inspire the Yes

Pamela has learned over the years that you don’t want to talk about your process in sales, instead talk about the transformation that will take place. Women need to be inspired to buy, so inspire them! Guide your customers to explore the different consequences of a yes or no. This empowers your buyer to say yes. If you really want to make the sale you need to learn how to counter your buyer’s objections. Listen in to this interview to hear some really great advice about inspiring the “Yes.”

Episode Highlights

  • [2:52] How and when she began helping others
  • [4:11] Why do people seek out Pamela?
  • [7:11] How has she attracted women clients?
  • [11:09] How does Pamela use her EFT to help women destress?
  • [14:09] A demonstration of tapping
  • [22:09] How to inspire women to say yes on the spot
  • [28:23] What doesn’t work for women


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