My Business Traditions

Are you curious to learn how I keep my successful business growing year after year? Listen to this episode to find out what my business traditions are and how they help me and my business flourish. If you have something to share with the world, it’s not too late. I didn’t start my business until I was 40 and shortly after that I began my business traditions. It’s never too late to start your business and create your very own business traditions. Listen to this episode to find out what business traditions helped me lead my speedy success!

Celebrate your company at an annual meeting

The first business tradition I want to share with you is having a yearly onsite meeting for my top team members. When my business was still small this simply included my virtual assistant, copywriter, and myself. But now I invite my entire executive team, my go-to people for keeping my business running smoothly. This annual tradition occurs over 2 or 3 days and helps my team bond and get to know each other better. We celebrate each other, our successes, our clients, and our incredible company. Listen to this episode to find out a special secret I just learned this year that really helped me save money and really bring class to our annual onsite meeting.

Discover how ‘me’ time can transform your business

My second business tradition feeds my spirit. Find out how I carve out ‘me’ time each year and why this time is so important. This time I take just for me feeds me spiritually. I give myself space and time to simply putter around the house, I organize, watch tv, and just relax. This time doesn’t focus on my business. It allows me to simply focus on myself. I don’t have to think about business or anything else. I take this time to just focus on me. Try it out for yourself. Listen in to this episode to find out my own process for taking this special time for just me. This simple process led me to break the 7 figure mark in my business so I know you will want to find out exactly how I did it.

Share something special with those that help your business

Have you ever wanted to share something you enjoy with the people that help you out? Find out how I treat my diamond level mastermind members each year. This fun business tradition is a fantastic way to treat my diamond level mastermind members and show them that I care about them. Each year I love to share a special something that brings me joy with my clients. You can do this with your clients, with your team, or whoever.  By sharing something with those that are important to you and your business you show your people that you care.

What is your best next move?

My business traditions have helped my business become the huge success that it is today. Without each of these special traditions, my business wouldn’t be the same. I have found ways to connect with my team, my clients, and myself each year. This is so important since without each of these pieces my business puzzle wouldn’t be complete.  Listen to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear how I give the details to each of my business traditions. If you listen carefully you’ll even be able to grab a Best Next Moves session on us!

Episode Highlights

  • [1:10] My business tradition
  • [4:02] My first business tradition
  • [11:54] What we discuss at our annual onsite business meeting
  • [15:48] My second business tradition
  • [19:42] My simple process for taking me time
  • [22:55] My third business tradition


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