Creating an Irresistible Offer

Irresistible OfferOn this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle I am here to help you create an Irresistible Offer that your ideal client can’t walk away from. Are you having trouble creating an offer? If so, then you’re in the right place to learn what it takes to create the perfect offer.

Let’s start from the beginning — What is an offer? An offer is an offering created by you that only you can provide. Think about how can you help other people with something that you are an expert on. Your offer is unique to you. Listen to this episode to hear how you can create something special that will have people excited to say Yes!

They are buying the destination not the plane

So how do you get people to sign up for your offer? Are you curious to find out how to get people to buy your product? Here’s a hint: it’s all about marketing. When marketing your offer you need to remember that people want to buy the result, not the instruction manual. People are goal oriented and want to learn about the result. If you start selling someone a product and all you talk about is the service delivery method they become disinterested. When marketing, emphasize the destination or the outcome 90% and the delivery only 10%. People have so much information to consume that they don’t want to hear how they’ll get there, they just want to reach their destination. Listen to hear more about how you can market your offer to your ideal client.

My blueprint to the Irresistible Offer

Do you wish that someone would just draw you a map on how to get people to buy your product? Well, your wish has just come true! I have created a blueprint that takes you through the steps I use when creating an irresistible sales offer. This specialized blueprint will take your marketing plan and put it into overdrive. I want you to have this in your marketing arsenal. With this blueprint, you can get the yes. That is why this Irresistible Offer Blueprint is my gift to you, I love sharing my knowledge with all of you, so listen to this episode to find out how to get this specialized marketing blueprint to create your own Irresistible Offer.

How to create irresistible bonuses

Your Irresistible Offer is your main dish, but what about dessert? Using my blueprint you will also create a bonus that provides a high value. Think about your client, why would they not say yes to your offer? If you can identify their main concern then create a bonus around that concern. Your bonus also gives you the opportunity to sell without being salesy. Are you ready to learn how? I have some fantastic advice about how to invite pursuit rather than being the pursuer. Listen now to learn how to create irresistible bonuses and how to promote your product without that salesy feeling.

Do you love it?

Your offer is your life, so if you don’t love it that’s a problem! Your offer not only has to be irresistible to your clients, but also to you. So, is your offer irresistible to you? I’ve created a litmus test to find out. This test has four elements to help you decide how to create an offer that you absolutely love. Use this test to help you create an offer that you love creating, talking about and giving! Listen to this episode to find out where to get this free litmus test to help you create your Irresistible Offer.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:20] What is an offer
  • [6:57] How you can create an Irresistible Offer
  • [10:15] What are the technical aspects of creating the Irresistible Offer
  • [12:45] The Irresistible Offer Blueprint
  • [14:08] Tips for creating an irresistible bonus
  • [17:28] Do you love it?


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