4 Business Practices That Allow You to Create a Life You Love

On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle I share with you 4 business practices that I use which can allow you to create a life you love. The work that you do translates directly into the life that you want to lead. The 4 business practices that I share in this episode allow busy entrepreneurs to delegate better, cultivate consistent cash flow, and plan. If this sounds like something you want for your business, then listen in so that I can share with you the 4 business practices that can help you create your dream life.

How can an annual meeting help motivate your whole team?

Each year I have a meeting with my essential team members. During this annual event, we toast the year that has passed and set goals and expectations for the year ahead. This annual meeting is a fun event that we all look forward to. This allows all of us on my team to keep our eye on the goals ahead and stay focused. We focus on intention and goals to ensure we are creating the business and the life we really want. Listen to this episode to hear how having a yearly team meeting can help you focus on your business goals and achieve the results you want.

Plan your calendar and plan your dreams

I create my yearly personal and marketing calendar in November to get a jump start on the new year. I make sure to lay out the groundwork and input the big things first. These include the kids’ calendar, personal vacations, and personal development, as well as family trips. Next, come the essentials for my company; my irresistible offers, big launches, and live training events. This calendar is like a roadmap that allows me to plan the year ahead. Think about what your most significant income generators are and how you can get them planned out in advance. Listen to the full episode to hear what and how you should be planning your year to bring about success in your business and your life.

Plan ahead when you will be out of the office

Do you plan ahead for times when you will be out of the office? Have you ever come back from a trip to find that you have to work twice as hard to get back on track? Planning ahead to prepare for the week you come back as well as the week that you will be gone can give you an amazing gift of time and organization. Listen to this episode to hear the strategies that I use to plan when I will be out of the office. These tips come from experience and have saved me from those terrible days back when I had to work twice as hard to get back on track.

Manifesting magic

Envision what you want from your life and put it down in writing! Many people write their dreams out in notebooks, some use vision boards, and some people even use mind movies. (Think – vision board for the 21st century!). Turning your dreams into reality can’t happen without a detailed plan. By writing out your dreams you can manifest them and turn them into your new reality. Listen to the tips I give on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear how you can turn your dreams into reality.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:38] Mission driven entrepreneurs want to make a difference
  • [2:59] The annual team meeting
  • [5:39] The yearly calendar
  • [12:48] Layer your calendar with partner promotions
  • [16:12] How do you plan for being out of the office
  • [20:08] Manifesting magic


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