How to Use the Speak to Sell Signature Talk to Promote Your Business Anywhere

My guest today is Christina Hills who helps so many mission-driven entrepreneurs through her life-changing Website Creation Workshop. This workshop helps non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs create a beautiful website with ease. Her workshop gives the user the flexibility to create their own website without having to wait around for someone else’s help. It is a must for creative entrepreneurs who may not have much tech experience. Christina is here with me to tell you all how she uses the Speak to Sell method and her signature talk to get people enrolled in her program. You’ll want to hear all about Christina and her Website Creation Workshop and exactly how she uses the Speak to Sell method to promote her business.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:10] How does Christina use her Speak to Sell talk to make irresistible offer
  • [4:33] How does Christina get people to know about her services
  • [9:51] Be structured not scripted
  • [12:50] Don’t change your talk, change your audience
  • [15:54] How she found her ideal title to her Speak to Sell talk
  • [17:32] Christine’s gift to listeners


How does Christina use her Speak to Sell talk to make her irresistible offer

Like me, Christina Hills helps mission-driven entrepreneurs with a service that they really need. Her Website Creation Workshop is targeted at non-techie entrepreneurs as well as the DIY crowd. She uses her Speak to Sell Signature Talk as a way to promote her irresistible offer. Christina prefers to use her signature talk during a webinar or a teleseminar, but the beauty of the Speak to Sell framework is that the signature talk can be used in any circumstance. Listen to this episode to hear how Christina adapts her Speak to Sell Signature Talk to all kinds of situations.

Be structured, but not scripted

One takeaway that Christina has gleaned from her ten years as my student is, to be structured, but not scripted. She has her talk down and is well prepared which means she is able to go off-script at any time and then jump right back in. When you prepare your talk in a structured way you won’t find yourself floundering around unprepared. If you stick to a strict script you lose your authenticity which is key to selling to any audience. The key is to find the right balance. You’ll want to hear Christina’s advice on how she uses the Speak to Sell framework to keep her Signature Talk structured, but not scripted.

Don’t change your talk, change your audience

Have you ever gotten done with giving a talk and it was a huge flop? You sold the big old goose egg. This can lead you to rethink your whole talk, to begin with. Well, before you scrap the whole thing, think maybe this wasn’t your ideal audience. It is very important to speak to as many different groups of people as possible to expand your possibilities, but sometimes you’re just not speaking to the right crowd. Having a large range of viewers is important but you must make sure you are speaking to the right people, speaking to the wrong audience never helps anyone. Listen to this episode to hear Christina Hills and I discuss the merits of selling to the right audience.

How to find your perfect title

One of the most important things, if not the most important thing in you Speak to Sell Signature talk is your title. Christina has a fantastic title that appeals to her audience. She uses clear and easy to understand language, without any jargon. This is perfect for her non-techie base. Titles are one of the first topics discussed in my Speak to Sell online programs. Listen to this great episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle as Christina and I chat about the importance of having the perfect title for your Speak to Sell Signature Talk.

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