You Can Transform Lives by Using Your Signature Talk on the Best Podcasts in Your Niche

Reinvention expert Steve Olsher is my guest today. He is an entrepreneur, author of the best-selling book, What is Your What?, and the host of Reinvention Radio one of the best podcasts. Steve helps people discover the one amazing thing that they were born to do. Steve is here today to tell us how having his Speak to Sell signature talk has transformed his business and in turn so many people’s lives. Steve is a fascinating man that has so much to teach us, so grab your headphones and listen in to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear how Steve is changing lives through his signature talk on one of the best podcasts out there.

Episode Highlights

  • [3:33] Steve is able to spread his message to the world via his signature talk
  • [7:38] The irresistible offer is the catalyst for transformation
  • [9:42] Podcasting is a great way to spread your message
  • [13:23] Don’t change your act change your audience
  • [15:22] Steve’s directory of powerful podcasters is your special gift


Transform lives through your signature talk

Steve Olsher helps people discover what they were born to do. He is able to spread his message by using his signature Speak to Sell speech and dial that talk into his irresistible offer. The Speak to Sell talk helps him to find structure and ensure that he hits his main points every single time. Since his speech is dialed in he can use it anywhere and through any platform. This method has helped him transform lives and really make an impact on the people who need it most. Are you ready to transform lives and make some money while doing so? You’ll want to hear how Steve has changed lives using the Speak to Sell method, so listen to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle.

The irresistible offer is the catalyst for transformation

Once you have your signature talk dialed into your irresistible offer you will be able to see the transformation that will take place. Having this talk down pat will help you help others in the way that you have always dreamed. My guest, Steve Olsher, has been able to transform the lives of thousands of people with his irresistible offer. His favorite medium to spread his message is via podcast, what is yours? Listen to this interview with Steve to hear how he uses his irresistible offer as a catalyst for transformation in so many people’s lives.

How to use podcasting to transform lives

When you create your vision from a place of service you are doing the public a disservice by not sharing and selling your knowledge. One way to spread your word is to start podcasting. You don’t have to produce your own podcast, you can start out by being a guest on other people’s shows. Getting on the right shows can be so impactful for your business. Niche podcasts are a great way to sell since you are impacting the potential market that you are seeking. This is a great way to use the magic of your Speak to Sell talk. Having your signature talk lead to your irresistible offer in a podcast conversation is a great way to generate the sales you need to the clients you want to serve. Listen to this great interview to hear how Steve uses podcasting to generate more sales and transform people’s lives.

Don’t change your act, change your audience

If you utilize different podcasts, stages, and webinars then you are constantly changing your audience and your Speak to Sell signature talk never gets old. You will get tired of your story long before your audience will, and chances are your life-changing message will transform so many people’s lives. You are transferring part of your knowledge into a system so that your intangible thoughts become tangible actions. Listen to this episode to hear how keeping your signature talk and changing your audience can transform not just your life, but the lives of thousands.

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