3 Proven Ways to Get More Public Speaking Opportunities

Now that you have honed in your Speak-to-Sell talk and your irresistible offer, you need to find public speaking opportunities. But how do you go about getting them without cold calling? I know you hate being pushy because I do too! On episode 59 I share with you my 3 favorite ways to find more public speaking opportunities. This proven method will give you the freedom to invite pursuit from your ideal client without being salesy. Listen to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to learn how to find public speaking opportunities and get your speak-to-sell talk booked solid.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:10] Learn how I have managed to stay booked solid for 10 years
  • [2:21] Talk to the hosts
  • [4:44] Talk to the other speakers
  • [9:15] Talk to audience members
  • [12:21] Bonus tip!
  • [13:33] Look at what you could do with these strategies


How to get more public speaking opportunities, live or virtually

Are you curious to discover how I have managed to stay booked solid for ten years without cold calling anyone? Would you like to know how I’ve managed to sell 40 million dollars in revenue? I have completely changed my mindset about selling and now, instead, I invite pursuit. I have the structure in place that gives me the freedom to invite pursuit from my ideal client and I never seem pushy or salesy. Listen to this episode for 3 solid gold, proven methods to find public speaking opportunities without any cold-calling.

Event hosts can help you more than you know

Event hosts get asked all the time about who they know that can speak about a topic. If you are speaking at an event, make sure you talk to the host and let them know that you are open to finding more public speaking opportunities. The hosts have seen you in action and after you give a great speech they can give you a fantastic referral in their network. Make sure you are a name that comes up when they are asked by not just interacting with the host solely for the event you are working on. Set yourself up to serve the host in any other way that you can. Listen to episode 59 of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear how this technique has worked for me.

Talk to other speakers that you share the stage with

When you’re in a line-up of different speakers, get to know them by talking with them and finding out where else they are speaking. Compare notes with the other speakers and see where they have spoken before. This way you can make warm introductions to each other’s network. When you have actually shared the stage with these speakers then you can help each other out with introductions. A warm referral will get you so much further than a cold one, so make sure you help each other out. Listen to this episode to hear about this and other great ways to book public speaking opportunities.

Talk to audience members, they’re your ideal clients!

The audience is full of your ideal clients, so talk with them find out what other events they are attending. Grab a cup of coffee and get to know the attendees before or after the speeches. Getting to know your where your ideal clients are spending their time is so important to learning where you can help them. You can discover what live events they are attending as well as the virtual ones. These people can help you connect with Facebook groups, online training, or even membership groups. You need to make sure that you are giving your speak-to-sell talk with as many different audiences as possible. Listen to episode 59 of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear all 3 tips plus a bonus tip that I only share with my listeners!

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