5 Secrets to Expand Your Business Reach

On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle, I want to help you spread the word about your business in a much bigger way. I didn’t sell millions of dollars overnight. I had to discover a formula to get myself and my brand out there and seen. One way I did this was by utilizing the local media. I am excited to share with you my SPEAK formula so that you can learn how to grow your business and reach as many of your ideal clients as possible.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:44] How to get booked on local tv
  • [3:30] Consider yourself an expert
  • [4:44] Expect resistance
  • [6:30] Claim your throne
  • [8:17] Know your choices
  • [10:22] What to expect next week

S is for speak

When you are trying to spread your message to a broader platform, no one wants to hear a wordy ill-prepared presentation. When I seized the opportunity to work with the local media, I knew that I had to have my speech well planned. I wanted to ensure everyone could clearly understand the tips I had to share with them. Part of that is speaking clearly and concisely. So when you get out there to spread your message, the first step is finding a way to describe the succinct unique value that only you can provide.

P is for position

Position yourself as the expert in your market. Only you can make yourself an expert on your subject. Your target audience is looking to you to be the best expert that you can be. When you step in front of an audience, you need to be ready, whether that’s in person, online or over through the media. One thing to learn is how to position yourself for vulnerability and credibility. There is a delicate balance to strike to make yourself a relatable expert in your field. That’s the second step, learning how to tell the right story that relates to your offer.

E stands for expect resistance

Things will always happen it’s inevitable, and being prepared will make all the difference. The good news is when resistance pops up you know you’re on the path to significant growth. Learn to lean into resistance rather than shy away from it, and you will find yourself moving forward by leaps and bounds.

A is for: assume the throne

You’re good at what you do, own it! You won’t get anywhere without being the master of your domain. I have a knack for getting people to say yes and creating structure, so I crowned myself the Queen of Sales Conversion. You must step into your role yourself. No one else is going to crown you. Claim your throne and never look back.

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