Reconnect With Yourself by Consciously Redesigning Your Time This Summer

As a successful mission-driven entrepreneur you may be someone that wears many hats. While this has worked for you in the past, I invite you to reassess your priorities and reconnect with yourself. You can do this by redesigning your time this summer to increase your focus on yourself and avoid burnout. This self-focus can help you to have breakthroughs and give you the creative space that is so important in improving your business and personal health. Learn how to reconnect with yourself by consciously redesigning your summer by listening to this episode today.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:40] Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean that you should be the one doing it
  • [5:20] Recognize the help that is around you
  • [10:39] What will you use the space for?
  • [12:46] Why do all this?
  • [14:47] Make space for continued education
  • [16:43] Invest in yourself with personal development


Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean that you should be the one doing it

As the head of a mission-driven, multi-million dollar company I wear many hats. Recently I have come to the realization that I have better things to do with my time than deal with the minutiae. Even though I love all the things that I do I have realized that it is too much. It is time for me to take a load off. I need to shift some of the accountability to others that I trust and empower them to do more. I have a dedicated, trusted team in place. I just had to learn how to allow myself to give them more responsibility and take the load off myself. I had to learn how to utilize the help that is all around me. Listen to this episode to learn how to make changes in your business to focus more on taking creative space for yourself so that you can elevate yourself to the position you need.

What will you use the extra time for?

Now that I have created the time in my schedule I can focus more on me. Even though I have only scheduled five office days a month for the summer I will still be working, but it will look different. I will also be traveling, taking a Tony Robbins course, going on a retreat and have some VIP time. I’m really excited about doing a vision quest and spending quality time with my kids. I want to live up to my future book title: Meant for More. As I have opened up my schedule I have opened myself up to say yes. All of the things that I have planned will help me continue to look forward and create growth both within myself and in my business. They are different than the typical ways that I create abundance yet still important. Listen to this episode to get some fantastic ideas on how to reconnect with yourself, your vision, and your business.

Why take all this time for yourself?

What is the purpose of taking this time for myself? I am doing this to avoid burnout and to get down to my core feelings. Adding this time for me will help me dial in my focus and improve my overall health. Everything that I have scheduled encompasses everything I already do, I am just shifting how I spend my time. I won’t isolate myself; I will continue to stay connected to my audience, it will just be more so from my heart. I have structures in place that I can rely on to get the day to day work done. I have created a business that I am excited to get back to in the fall. Listen to this episode to hear great ideas on how you can carve out some ‘me time’ this summer and still grow your business.

Make space for continuing education

Give yourself the gift of personal development and continuing education during your redesigned summer. I’m continuing my own education by doing advanced work with conferences and masterminds. While the kids are off at camps summer this is the perfect time to take courses that will help you reconnect with yourself and grow your business. I recently took an amazing course that changed my perspective on everything. Spend some time thinking about how you can continue your personal development. Start by listening to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear why reconnecting with yourself is so important.

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