You are Meant for More

Welcome to season 4 of the Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle podcast! It is great to have you here! This season will be filled with amazing tidbits that will help you make your difference in the world.

In this episode, we are talking about that feeling that just won’t go away. You know it well. It’s that feeling that you know that you have a difference to make in the world. You have something special to offer, you have gifts and talents to offer the world. You know you are meant for more!

Episode Highlights

  • [1:10] Are you meant for more?
  • [4:45] How do you satisfy the meant for more feeling?
  • [5:22] Be yourself
  • [8:26] No more wishing and waiting
  • [12:19] Ask your heart not your head

You are meant for more

You can’t keep that feeling of wanting more bottled up inside you! You need to release it into the world. But how do you share it with more people? How do you create a more purposeful and abundant life that you really desire? In this episode, learn 3 tips for releasing your vision to the world.

It’s time to be the pebble in the pond and shout your vision from the rooftops. You can satisfy that meant for more feeling that’s bubbling up inside of you.

Just be you

How do you satisfy that meant for more feeling? The best way is to simply be yourself. You don’t have to shift gears to contribute your value to the world. Just be you, your authentic self.

You may be wondering, how can you be your Meant For More self? Practice what you preach. Be transparent about who you are, what you do, and then share your path with others. This will help you tap into that meant for more feeling.

Give it a shot right now, take a selfie or snap a screenshot of you listening to this podcast and post it on your Instagram story! Psst, tag me too (@LisaSasevich) so I can see that gorgeous smile of yours 😉

No more wishing and waiting

Stop waiting to be noticed. It is time for you to assume the throne. You can create your own opportunities. Drawing more opportunities will create better results for you, your business, and for those you are meant to help. But, how will you cause those opportunities to happen? Structure.

Creating a structure is the key to creating opportunity. You can’t have the law of attraction without action, so make it happen. Listen to this episode to hear the details of how you can create a structure and stop being the best-kept secret out there. It’s time to live your life that’s meant for more.

Ask your heart, not your head

Yes, using your head is important, but what is bubbling up inside you comes from your heart. What is that feeling that won’t go away? We feel it as intuition.

When we live too much with our head we talk our way out of things. Our head plays the devil’s advocate. The heart guides us toward where we want to go. The heart has no questions and the head doesn’t have all the answers. So go ahead, ask your heart, not your head, where do you want to go?

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5 thoughts on “You are Meant for More

  1. Hey Lisa, this is a great episode to kick off your Season 4 of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle podcast. You shared some wonderful examples of what “Meant for More” truly means. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and look forward to the rest of the season!

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