3 Easy Work-Life Balance Strategies You Can Implement Now

People ask me all the time for my work-life balance strategies. They wonder how I manage to do it all. Are you wondering what the secret is to work-life balance? As you design your ideal life and step onto your throne in your area of expertise it is important to build a lifestyle that is unique to you. You need to prioritize your goals, values, and priorities. If you feel that your calendar is dictating your life, you need to remember that you are the boss of your calendar and that it doesn’t control you. Learn how to balance your work and life in 3 easy-to-implement strategies on this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle.

Episode Highlights

[1:10] Do you need to rebalance your work-life relationship?
[5:45] Outsource sooner rather than later
[10:45] Design systems to help you outsource
[12:48] Create a team that keeps on taking


Episode 35 with Mike Koenigs, Creating passive income

Outsource sooner rather than later

Do you know how to delegate tasks? Do you know when to outsource work? I try to delegate before I get desperate. If I wait too long to outsource then I end up having to hire anyone with a pulse. Learn this lesson from me, when you outsource sooner rather than later it will save you time and money in the long run. Think about how your time is best spent. As an entrepreneur, your time may be best spent creating strategy and vision rather than working on the implementation of tasks. A competent VA can help you with copywriting, social media, email, and graphics creation. How have you outsourced work? Share with me on Instagram how outsourcing has helped you with work-life balance.

How to create systems

What makes outsourcing possible is having systems in place. Learn to create a process whenever and wherever possible. Do you have tasks that you repeat over and over again? If so, discover what the processes are and create systems so that you can outsource tasks. There are so many ways to create systems to help you with all that you do. If this isn’t your area of expertise then you can even have an expert come in to help you with this task. How have you created systems in your business to be able to outsource?

Create a team that keeps on taking

You may be wondering about this. What do I mean by a team that keeps on taking? I have an amazing team that understands how to take tasks off my hands–from my housekeeper to my VA, to my accountant. When I have more freedom my business can grow. I have a team that understands that for me to work in my zone of genius, I need to have tasks taken off my hands. They understand me so much we have created an operation called: Free the Wizard! Interested to learn more about how to free up your time to create work-life balance? Listen to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear all 3 work-life balance strategies.

How can you implement these work-life balance strategies in your life?

Think about your life. Do you need to create balance in your daily calendar, weekly, monthly or yearly? What is your framework for balance? Creating a work-life balance is a constant act of assessing and evaluating your needs in life. What do you need to create your ideal workflow and lifestyle? Once you begin to get your work and life in equilibrium you will notice your stress level drop and your wellbeing and energy will rise. Share with me on Instagram how you are implementing these work-life balance strategies in your business!

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