Up Your Online Sales Automation Game with Tyler Garns

Sales automation expert, Tyler Garns from Box Out Marketing joins me as my guest today. Tyler is the go-to-expert on what’s working and what’s not working with online marketing automation. He is the founder and CEO of Box Out Marketing. Before creating Box Out Marketing he was the director and VP of marketing at Infusionsoft, so he really knows how to produce results in the online marketing space. How is your follow-up game? Are you ready to up your online sales automation to provide your clients with a top-notch experience? If so, listen to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle with Tyler Garns as he provides us with valuable insight in marketing automation.

Episode Highlights

  • [3:10] He loves surfing
  • [4:54] What is the unique transformation that Box Out Marketing provides?
  • [6:36] Automation tips
  • [11:20] Know your numbers
  • [15:21] What does Box Out Marketing offer?


What is the unique transformation that Box Out Marketing provides?

Box Out Marketing is the premier outsource marketing automation team. The team at Box Out Marketing discusses the client’s marketing strategy with them. After the consultation Box Out implements all the marketing automation. Basically, you provide the idea and they make it a reality with zero stress. Have you dreamed of having automated funnels running without getting your hands dirty? If so, then Box Out Marketing is who you want on your team.

Do you need some sales automation tips?

Are you thinking yuck, online marketing automation?! Forget about everything you think you know about it. Many companies automate robotic sounding emails that people send directly to the trash. Here’s how to ensure that your emails not only get seen but read. Instead of writing to a general audience, write a personal email to a specific person. Think personal first then automate. Groups don’t transform, individuals transform into buyers. When planning your automation process, get out a piece of paper and map it out. Listen to this episode to hear more expert marketing automation tips.

How do you make your marketing dream a reality?

The most important part of online marketing is to know your numbers. You need to know what you can spend per customer. The data is incredibly important and will help you empower your decisions. Have you ever thought of split testing? Split-testing is where you select 2 options and then test them to see which one works better. Tyler feels it is crucial to long-term growth but not necessary to a budding company’s initial success. Split-testing can help to tweak your numbers and increase sales by a few percentage points.

What does Box Out Marketing offer?

Box Out Marketing offers a 37 point automation audit. They will sit with you and analyze your numbers to help you identify the top 2 or 3 opportunities in your business where you can grow right now. Box Out Marketing is often utilized by coaches and trainers. They help you not be intimidated by automation marketing tools. Tyler wants everyone to remember that coming up with marketing strategy is complex, but the technology is not. Box Out Marketing can help to free you up from the stress of online sales automation so go check out their free 37 point automation opportunity audit.

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