Racial Justice: The Positive Impact

Changing the world takes compassion, heart, and fierce commitment.

And Dr. Amanda Kemp is on a mission to empower cross-cultural dialogue on the issues. Her work is nurturing and expanding artists, community builders, healers, prayer warriors, and other changemakers around having difficult conversations.

Let’s face it, around the world, and in everyday business, there are hard conversations that have to happen.

In this episode of the Boost Your Sales Lifestyle Podcast, hear how to have imperative discussions without losing your voice…. or your cool!


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2 thoughts on “Racial Justice: The Positive Impact

  1. Given the landscape of so much division in our country today, we need Dr. Amanda’s work more than ever! It is exhilarating to know that she has been able to pour her awesome skills set, experience and wisdom into the Academy framework in order to make her service resonate in far-reaching corners.

    As a white woman I had the gift of living for a few years in Detroit, which is about 84% African American. It was there – surrounded in love and support by female friends of all color – that I learned about my “white privilege” and how insensitive and benignly ignorant I could be of the Black experience.
    However, this “white privilege” is truly invisible if there is no opportunity to learn to see it. To have an understanding, no matter HOW minimal, is to rise above it and contribute to rich conversation and resolution. As educator and author Elizabeth Minnich, Ph.D. says: whites are taught to think of their lives as morally neutral, normative, and average, and also ideal, so that when we work to benefit others, this is seen as work that will allow “them” to be more like “us.”

    When seen through this lens, one can imagine the enormity of the work before Dr. Amanda and how her world service is at the forefront of creating peace and understanding. Thank you!

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