You're About to Discover How to Make 5 Figures or More in 5 Short Hours or Less...

...All While Making the Difference You Were Made for... Doing What You Love

Hi, my name is Lisa Sasevich, known by many as the Queen of Sales Conversion.

I got that name from consistently converting 60-85% of the audiences that I speak for. I'm an ordinary work-from-home mom who has figured out how to boost sales using irresistible offers.

As a result, I went from having an unfulfilling corporate job and sweating it out to make other people rich... To building my own multi-million dollar business in just three years.

Since then, I've served clients in 134 countries around the world... And have won the INC 500 "Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in America" award two years in a row.

And most importantly - I go to sleep at night basking in the joy of knowing that I'm out there, doing the work I was made for.

So as I mentioned, in this short video, I'm going to show you the 2-step process to turning your $7 investment into five-figures or more.

Of course, in order to pull off what I'm about to share with you - you need to be willing to do the work. It's not enough to be a certified coach, a best-selling author, an experienced speaker or trainer, or a highly educated service professional.

You must be dedicated to the difference that you make for others and be willing to take your attention off of your expertise long enough to put structure around getting that difference and expertise out into the world.

This is not some get-rich-quick scheme... This is about positioning yourself as an expert and providing transformational value to your prospective clients to the point where they feel inspired to invest with you, on-the-spot.

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions... You are in the perfect place - so pay close attention.

Here's the 2-step process for turning 5 hours into a five-figure payday:

Whether you are selling one-to-one or one-to-many, boosting your sales conversion is the key to leveraging the work that you're already doing and getting paid 20-50% more for your time.

Imagine speaking in front of a room of 100 people. You're going to do the same amount of work with your presentation, and it's going to require the same investment of time...

...But instead of 2 people walking out of the room as your clients... Imagine having 20 people walk out of the room as your clients. Not only do you get to serve 18 more people from the same effort, but it's 10X more income for you and your family to create the freedom you desire and life that you design.

I'll show you how you can do that.

When you combine your sales conversion abilities with free speaking... You are primed and ready to rake in the big bucks.

These aren't the speaking gigs where you have to be a fancy, trained presenter and are paid to keynote. Few people make 6-figures or more through paid keynote speaking.

This is much simpler, and available to everyone - even if you are utterly unknown right now.

Speaking for free to sell back-of-the-room products and services is where the big money rolls in.

I've evaluated this 14 ways from Tuesday and I haven't come up with anything better. Why?

Because of the boatloads of benefits you get from free speaking.

First off - there are more free speaking opportunities out there than you can shake a stick at. Companies and conferences and conventions and local meetings and groups are always looking for guest speakers to speak at their events and gatherings.

Secondly - you can usually sell anything you want.

Don't have a product? No problem - just sell coaching! Imagine selling a mere 5 people a $2K/month coaching package.

Or better yet... Sell a program you haven't created yet. I've done this over and over with great success.
Of course, you do this in the area of your expertise. It's just about packaging your expertise.

The moment I have paying clients for a program or training I've offered... You can bet it puts a fire under my butt to get the curriculum outlined and done and make it the best it can be!

Finally, you can also use speaking to figure out what you SHOULD be selling, but haven't realized yet....

And, even more importantly, how you should be BRANDING yourself.

So many people think they should figure out their branding and then go out and speak.

This approach is totally BACKWARDS.

Just think about it... You're sitting by yourself in front of a computer... Racking your brain, trying to come up with a brand in a vacuum or with friends on Facebook who are not necessarily your ideal clients...

...When you could be speaking... Getting yourself in front of your ideal clients... and finding out exactly what they're attracted to.

You'll come face-to-face with your people and discover what makes them tick, and what turns them on...and off.

And you'll know exactly how you should brand yourself. And you'll do it without wasting thousands of dollars branding yourself in isolation... Only to discover you were totally off once you step into play!

It is extremely simple to get started. In fact, you could be doing your first free speaking gig this weekend. As I said before - you don't need any credentials, you don't need a list, you don't even need a product!

This process is so easy... I'm willing to walk you through it personally.

It took me years of trial and error to turn this simple sales conversion process into a paint-by-numbers system... But now - I'm making that same system available to you.

It's called "The Invisible Close: Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers Quick Start Program."

It's the exact system I used to maximize my conversion rates without resorting to sleazy sales pitches.

Chances are, you're one of those people who LOVE what you do, but hate the sales part.

But let's face it - we DO have to bring people to a decision.

And it works a lot better for your business, your life and for your prospective client if we can make the sale without being pushy or salesy... And bring them to a clear decision on-the-spot.

The Invisible Close: Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers QuickStart Program is the holy grail for getting you out there right away...

It's the perfect launching pad for you to give your gifts and inspire your ideal clients to step up and invest in themselves through YOU.

Here's just a small taste of what you'll get out of The Invisible Close, Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers Quick Start Program:

...You'll discover how to make your offers irresistible by eliminating "fluff" and giving your customers what they really want.

...You'll learn no-cost practices you can apply right away that will instantly increase your conversion rates by 20-50%... With no extra out-of-pocket cost.

...You'll discover two little-known tweaks you can make to your presentations that will motivate your prospects to take action NOW... Instead of taking time to "think about it."

Trust me.. You'll get used to seeing your audience leave your presentations with a sales receipt in-hand... and a smile on their face!

...I'll also reveal 97 closely-guarded secrets to boost sales without being 'salesy' or manipulating your audience.

And best of all, "The Invisible Close" can help you double or even triple your income without any extra work or a marketing budget.

I've designed this system to be as simple as possible. You can dive into this, act on the techniques you discover, and see a boost in your sales conversion right away.

It's truly painless, and dare I! Cause it feels so good to be finally getting out there with your thing!

What students are saying...

The Results Were Mindblowing!

"Just one idea I took from Lisa's ebook allowed me to easily and naturally add a more powerful sales message to my educational-style presentation. And the results were mind-blowing. Shortly after I discovered Lisa's tips I made two 75-minute presentations to fairly small groups and generated over $85,000 in back of the room sales! This was one heck of a return on my investment!"

Adam UrbanskiMarketing Mentors, Inc.

I am giddy with excitement!

"I am giddy with excitement about the recent results I experienced after making the first round of changes to my Free Seminar. With my new irrestible offer sheet, sampling of seeding and a total re-write to my seminar (eliminating my logical, analytical power point presentation) I totally kicked butt..."

Christine ConwayCertified Feng Shui Practitioner,
Certified Real Estate Stager

...But for a limited time... When you order "The Invisible Close: Boost Sales... Using Irresistible Offers Quick Start Program" now, you'll get instant access to this conversion-boosting training for just two payments of $97.

That includes The Invisible Close workbook and five audio modules that will walk you through it and answer any questions you may have so that you can implement what you learn QUICKLY and start enjoying the income and difference making results right away.

And if you're a fast-mover - I'll even give you two bonuses:

First, you'll get the exact registration form I used at live events to boost my conversions by up to 86%.

This is the same Specials/Registration Form I've used to create over $1,000,000 in sales. I've also used it for almost every business I've consulted with when creating their Irresistible Offers.

You will be able to download this as a PowerPoint document so you can save the form and begin using it to customize your own Irresistible Offers.

The conversion secrets shared on this single document are priceless.

Second, you'll get the exact timeline I use for my introductory events. After many years of trial and error, this timeline became the magic key to inviting people to an introductory free presentation and having them happily choose to become invested clients on-the-spot....while they were there!

And here's the best news. I tested and created this model working with a company that was teaching relationship work. So I can assure you, what you will learn here works whether your expertise is in personal development, business development, relationship development, health and name it!

You can now see how having an irresistible offer is a powerful tool to launch your business in record time or take your existing business to the next level... And now you'll know exactly how to put your free speaking gig together, by modeling what took me years to dial in and perfect.

Truth be told; these two bonuses are worth the 2 easy installments of $97 on their own.

So don't miss out on your chance to claim your fast action discount and dramatically increase your income...

Just click the happy button below, and "The Invisible Close Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers Quick Start Program" will be yours the moment you complete your order.

This is your opportunity to get out there and finally share the wealth of your unique talents... and receive wealth in return.

Imagine being able to work when you want, from wherever you want, and have all the free time in the world to enjoy your success.

Click the button below, and I'll help make this dream a reality for you and your mission.

Even if the outcome of their choice is "No," I love that they are clear about their choice and are free once they have chosen "Yes" or "No."

So go ahead and make a decision. Give yourself permission to fly!

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

If you're still on the fence, here are a few of the countless testimonials from students who are just like you...

These are fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs who are getting extraordinary results using "The Invisible Close" line of products and trainings and are now making the difference that they KNOW they are meant to make.

What students are saying...

The best thing to do with this product is to NOT sell it to anyone else!

"Lisa, your book is a masterpiece - jam packed with priceless, easily repeatable and predictable result producing techniques. The best thing to do with this product is to NOT sell it to anyone else!"

Ian McKelvieFounder of BECAUZ!
Adventure Based Leadership

Not having these details will have you walking away from most of your potential profits.

"I first met Lisa Sasevich when she came to me as a coaching client. When she mentioned she was a trainer who regularly converted 70%+ of her audience I nearly fell out of my chair! To her this was "normal," "typical," even "routine"."

Graham WhiteYour True Value Mentor


"This is amazing. I'm only halfway through, and I'm reading at tip-top speed (i.e., skimming) and I already see things I will implement in the workshop I'm giving next week."

Grace L. JudsonPersonal and Executive Coaching
Professional Speaking

What you're teaching makes so much sense that buying from you is a no-brainer!

"Lisa, I just finished reading your book and it's's awesome...especially for what we do. I wish I had hired you a long time ago. What you're teaching makes so much sense that buying from you is a no-brainer!"

Todd BentonPartner
Benton Consulting Group

Lisa is the hottest ticket in the market...

"Lisa is the hottest ticket in the market if you want to significantly increase your sales and revenues from the platform and in your business. The Invisible Close gets smack into the psychology of making the sale by presenting your products or services in a way that puts you in control and your prospects wanting to buy."

John AssarafNew York Times Best selling Author, "The Answer" and
"Having It All" Seen on Larry King Live, CNN, Ellen Degeneres
and Anderson Cooper 360' Featured in the Blockbuster Movie,
"The Secret" CEO, Praxis Now, LLC

Lisa Sasevich is the bomb!

"I recently purchased Lisa's Ebook on The Invisible Close™ and I must tell you, I don't buy Ebooks. This one was recommended to me and I am so glad I bought it. I learned so many things that made me feel more confident on stage and gave me some secret weapons to take my closing ratio from about 10% to over 40% on a consistent basis. For me, that's phenomenal!"

Melanie Benson Strick Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach

Are you still here?

Look. I may not know you personally, but if you're here right now there's one thing I know for sure:

You deserve the lifestyle that comes with making big money and a big impact with your business... And you deserve to sleep soundly at night knowing that you don't have to use sleazy sales tactics to get there.

You see... It doesn't matter how many letters you have after your name, how skilled you are at your craft, or even how much people love you... If you can't bring your ideal clients to a decision on-the-spot without being salesy... You need the Invisible Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers Close Quick Start program.

So go ahead and click the button below and let's dive in together!

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