A Sizzle Reel: 4 Reasons You Need One (and How to Make it Hot!)

What if I told you that as a heart-centered entrepreneur or expert, you have one of Hollywood’s most important tools right at your fingertips?

You do!

When producers are getting ready to market their movie, what do they do? They create a short-but-powerful trailer that makes audiences crave that movie. In darkened theaters, people whisper, “I can’t wait to see that,” or “That looks good.” This my friend, is a prime example of attraction marketing.

The trailer is one of Hollywood’s most important tools.

So what does that have to do with you?

Well, trailers aren’t just for movies.

As an entrepreneur, you can create your own “trailer” … one that builds your credibility, positions you as an expert, and ensures you get your message across to your most important audiences.

It’s called a Sizzle Reel, and basically, it’s an entrepreneur’s trailer, press kit, speaker one-sheet, and bio … all wrapped into one powerful video. (A quick note: This is different than a promo video. Basically, a promo video is very short, and it creates emotional engagement. The Sizzle Reel, on the other hand, backs it up logically, and turns prospects into buyers.)

Think of a Sizzle Reel like a video business card!


4 Reasons Why I Recommend You Have a Sizzle Reel


  1. It builds credibility. Simply having and using a good Sizzle Reel makes you come across as a professional.
  2. It positions you as an expert. When you do it right, a Sizzle Reel includes your certifications and degrees, your personal transformation, and evidence of your clients’ results, proving that you know your stuff.
  3. When you’re speaking at an event, a Sizzle Reel allows you to skip the “who I am” background and jump right into your vulnerability story and teaching.
  4. It ensures that what you want said, is actually said. When someone introduces you at an event, he or she can play the Sizzle Reel immediately after the intro, so you know your audience will hear what you want them to. Just to give you a quick example, even though I usually give event organizers my bio, they often introduce me incorrectly, as “The Queen of Sales Conversation,” leaving out a vital element of my title, sales! A Sizzle Reel would prevent something like this from happening!

Where can You Use a Sizzle Reel?


  • On your website. Your website plays a vital role in attraction marketing in today’s world, this is a must have.
  • When you’re submitting your resume to speak at an event, or when you’re submitting an article to a publication.
  • During events, so the event organizer can play it after introducing you.

In short, use it anytime you want people to know what you do and what you’ve accomplished.

What to Put in Your Sizzle Reel?

When you’re putting your Sizzle Reel together, consider what actually carries weight in regard to your expertise and the work you want to get in front of people.

For example, your Sizzle Reel may include:

  • Clips featuring you, speaking, on the news or at events.
  • Accolades and awards you’ve received.
  • Client results and colleague accolades via video testimonials.
  • Relevant news or media mentions.
  • Your bestselling book.

So, now you know you need a Sizzle Reel, but …

How Do You Make a Sizzle Reel?

Here are some great pointers from an article by Ryan Avery, speaker, trainer, and coach. (You can read the article in its entirety, here, if you’d like.)

Step 1. Start collecting videos of you speaking. You can have an audience member take videos with your own camera (in exchange for a small gift) or you can ask for a copy of any video that’s being professionally recorded. Finally, you can hire your own videographer (and yes, it’s worth the investment!).

Step 2. Collect video testimonials. Make sure your camera’s microphone has good sound-capturing ability. Collect testimonials from your clients and from people with whom you’ve worked professionally.

Step 3. Collect photos of you speaking. It’s best to collect these photos on the spot from volunteers or audience members; for example, if someone uses his phone to take a photo of you, ask him to text or email it to you right away.

Step 4. With editing software (or with the help of a professional editor), put together your Sizzle Reel. (Ryan says he uses iMovie and has also hired an editor.)

Step 5. Share your Sizzle Reel and enjoy the rewards!

Again, a Sizzle Reel is a powerful way to showcase your expertise and leverage attraction marketing … to make prospects crave the transformation you provide so that once they see it, they’re saying, “I can’t wait to work with her.”

So get started on yours!
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