A Super Simple Tip to Save Your Sales

I don’t like waiting in lines. Most people don’t.

In fact, I once walked away from a $13,000 program I was interested in because the line was too long. I couldn’t get a pen. I couldn’t get an order form, etc.

Here’s a simple tip to help make sure that never happens to you.

Let’s say you’ve just given an awesome presentation. You’re at your sales table and you see a line of six people waiting to ask questions.

There’s a good chance that one or more of them might get frustrated and leave.

What do you do?

Just move from the front of the line to the side of it, so that instead of talking to people one at a time, you now have a small audience in a semi-circle in front of you.

You can still answer their questions one-on-one in the order the people arrived, but you’ve just turned your line into a classroom.

And here’s the other magical thing that happens:

You’ll answer the question of the first person, which will also answer the question of the fourth person, so numbers one and four will peel off and head to the table to fill out their form, invest in themselves through you, and collect their bonus.

They’re motivated to do this because we always structure something special for the first X number of people who buy.

So it won’t be long at all before you’ve answered everyone’s questions and saved your sales.

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