Build the Plane As You Fly It


Hey, guys. It’s me, and I am sitting here on the way home from an amazing trip to Bali, and then a few days in Singapore, which was fabulous, loved both so much. And I am on this beautiful 747 Dreamliner, getting the business class lay-flat seats. Oh, 787, I stand corrected. And I am just feeling super blessed to be up here, and get to get a good night’s sleep and come home refreshed. I haven’t seen the kids for a couple of weeks. They’re with their dad, which was great for them and great for me.

And I wanted to bring you this meant for more moment real quick about a term I often use on our campus that I hope you’ll appreciate, which since I’m sitting on a plane, it came to my mind. We call it build the plane as you fly it. When it comes to business and building your business based on your expertise, your knowledge, your service, and really making those intangibles that we sell, feel tangible. One of the things that I think is really important with this build the plane as you fly at the idea… Hold on a minute. We’ll have to see whether this is going to work. I’m going to go and come back. Hold on.

Okay. Those announcements went on forever. I’m home now and let’s pick up where we left off. To build the plane as you fly it, really what it means is that when you have a new idea for coaching, for mentorship, for a digital course, or for a service, you want to go ahead and start selling it out of the gate even before it’s all built. Thus build the plane as you fly it. Now, of course, we would never want a real airline to do this, but we’re on the ground and we’re trying to help people and make a difference. And when you start selling, from the minute you have the idea, using the Irresistible Offer methods that we teach, so it’s not salesy. You’re really inviting pursuit.

When you start selling, when you start making your offer, when you speak you’re meant for more when you’re out there, you find out very quickly if people are throwing their credit cards at you because they need what you have, they want to save their marriage, they want to lose weight, or they want to build their Facebook following, fill in what you do. Or, if you get out there with it and find out that you haven’t quite hit the mark, it’s so much better to have just maybe sold it to a few people and decide, you know what, I’m going to change my direction, I’m going to give some refunds, than to have spent a year, as many people do, building a beautiful website and putting everything into video and a beautiful platform and then launching it and finding out that people are not chopping at the bit. You didn’t quite hit the mark.

So that’s build the plane as you fly it. It means to get on out there with your idea, take some early customers. Listen, if it’s like all of us living we’re meant for more, it’s most likely something that you’re already an expert in. You’ve already succeeded at, you already know about. So go ahead and make the sale, you will, your integrity. I know who you are. Your integrity, you will rise to the occasion and you will deliver when it’s time for class number one or for that first phone call. Because you and your meant for more life are operating from your area of expertise, your area of knowledge, an area that you’ve already succeeded with, that you want to help other people with, that you know is meant for more.

So build the plane as you fly it. You’ll see it in my upcoming book, releasing with Hay House, April 14, 2020. We’re getting there and we’ll talk more about build the plane as you fly it and how to do it, but I really want you to keep this in mind because this has saved me really thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours and so many of my clients, saved them from just super investment of time, money and energy, only to find out they didn’t really have it exactly. They weren’t on their dime, they didn’t have it exactly articulated and described and sussed out the way that their ideal client would love it.

And if you get on that early, you can make those adjustments and then you double down. You start building out the sides and investing heavier. But let’s get some success stories under our belt. Let’s make some sales. Let’s make sure that your idea really, really is the thing that’s going to invite pursuit from those people that you’re here to help. All right, here’s to our meant for more lives.

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