The Vulnerability & Credibility Cocktail



Hey guys, it’s Lisa and I just wanted to bring you with me for today’s Meant For More moment to the recording studio where I am doing something I haven’t done before, and that is I am recording the audio for the book I have coming out called Meant For More that I’m so excited about. In fact, it’s rare that I will reread a book that I’ve written.

But today I’m getting to read every word and feel every word and it’s really a beautiful thing. It’s got me so excited to share it with you. This is my printed manuscript. You can actually see more if you go on over to Amazon, you can even preorder if you’re seeing this before we’ve launched. I love the stories. I love everything about it. I’m proud of myself.

I wanted to share something that came up for me as I was reading this chapter, part of the chapters of Meant For More. And it’s about positioning yourself. And I noticed that not only am I teaching it, but I’m doing it. So it’s one of those cool, what do you call that, like quantum moments where you’re doing it and you’re teaching it.

And one of the keys you’ll see me talk about, I forget which chapter it’s in, but it’s about positioning yourself, and one of the pieces to positioning yourself is making sure that you’re striking the right balance between credibility because of course, we want people to understand why you are the one that can help them in your area of your unique value, but also vulnerability, that they feel that you can understand them, that you’ve been there, that you’ve walked the path.

And when I’m reading this book, I hope you’ll enjoy the audiobook if you are an Audible listener like me, I can really feel both. Like there’s a piece of it where I’m owning the credibility of all that we’ve accomplished. In the Inc 500 and number 20 in women-owned businesses and clients in 134 countries. I mean that’s some stuff to own, especially for someone who started her business to be home with her kids. And so I’m feeling that and I can feel the emotion of that proud and the willingness to brag a little bit, which isn’t always easy for those of us that are mission-driven and really here to help.

And then the other side is vulnerability. So there are stories that I’m sharing in this book about myself, and it’s like I have to take a breath to get through because they were the stories that shaped me. I wouldn’t be here able to contribute this way if I hadn’t been fired from my dream job the night before Christmas Eve by a woman I considered a mentor. It was right up there, as painful as mom dying, very young.

So these stories all shaped my ability to serve. And as you can see, there’s credibility and there’s vulnerability. So it’s this cocktail when we position ourselves, it’s just one of the five keys to positioning. And again, you can read more about it in Meant For More, but I can really feel it today and I’m doing it and I wanted to share it with you so that you can go ahead and get a little sneak peek of the book and also be able to use that cocktail when you’re sharing, when you’re speaking, when you are out there getting your gifts into the world.

So that’s today’s Meant For More moment. It’s striking the balance of the cocktail blend between vulnerability and credibility so that you can really make the difference you were meant to make.


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