D.A.N.C.E. Lesson for Entrepreneurs

I recently came across this quote and it reminded me of my conversation with Diane Halfman, professional organizer and a student in my Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind, known as the “Sassy Mastermind.” Diane was recently featured in a student success story where she shared that the most important tool she gained while working with me was her UBS, or “Unique Branded System”. Your UBS is the way you do what you do to help clients achieve desired results. It’s repeatable, it’s scaleable and it doesn’t change from client to client. The best part is, the outcomes are repeatable too, which means results for your clients and more predictive income for you!

“By discovering my UBS I’ve saved hours of time saying the same information over and over. It’s a process that can actually make clients feel more comfortable, because they know I’ve got a proven system. I’m not winging it. This isn’t my first rodeo. It’s a proven system I’ve done over and over again.”

And that’s exactly the goal of identifying your UBS. It’s a roadmap of how to work with your clients so they achieve the unique transformation only you can provide. It’s the framework you use together to achieve results and as you know, I believe frameworks and systems are what drive success.

“We sometimes have in our minds that when we work individually, what we do is truly unique to that person,” Diane said. “What you realize is you say words like, ‘then you do this’ or ‘the best way to do it is this,’ and you start seeing yourself saying those things repeatedly. You recognize it truly is a formula whether you called it that before or not.”

Diane and I walked through the steps she learned in the Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind to develop her UBS and all the benefits she’s now reaping as a result. As I share in my teachings, to understand the UBS and it’s outcomes all you have to do is D.A.N.C.E.!

The first step is to Discover your process. I teach that this step is easier to do with someone else or even in a group so others can reflect back what they hear as you describe your process.

Diane says “Don’t censor this part at all. Basically, you want people asking questions about how you work with your clients, going deeper and deeper. Sometimes it’s going to be a mind dump to get all the steps out of your head and then you have to distil them down.”

It’s a good idea to use note cards or Post-It notes so you can move the pieces around or combine a couple of them if it makes sense. As your process begins to take shape, Aim for identifying three to seven steps. Diane advocates for five steps:

“Five feels like a complete system. Three can feel like too few and seven might feel like too much for people to remember and not follow through on. Five is the magic number.”

While drafting your steps, begin to Notice which ones must be done one-on-one and which ones you can teach to a group. For example, Diane used her UBS to create her free e-book and online programs including her virtual academy which many people can access at once.

“For people who either can’t work with me personally or are not able to invest in a higher level of VIP access, they can still receive the benefit of my system by getting it from my free book or my courses. And for the people who want to do it on their own, it’s great because, for a lower cost, they can make that happen.”

She’s now able to serve more people because she is not working one-on-one with each and every client. Diane now provides deep consultation to only a couple dozen VIP clients each year but still has a greater impact than she did before. She’s able to walk people through her process and provide the blueprint through videos, audio lessons, and checklists they can access virtually. This is perhaps the greatest gift you will receive from going through the process of laying out your own unique system.

Then once you’ve identified your steps and determined the best delivery method, it’s time to Create hooky labels. It’s important that your steps be something clients can remember and that resonates with them. If an acronym works, that’s a win too. For example, Diane offers her clients the five step RESET System (Remove, Evaluate, Systemize, Experience, and Track).

“In just those five steps, I’ve been able to give my clients the keys to start, what to do, and how to maintain an environment that inspires them.”
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Now you might be asking what is the benefit of all this work? Well, my friend, that’s the really neat part. The final step in the D.A.N.C.E. is to Enjoy the rewards.

“Having the online academy doesn’t take any of my time, so I’m making money without any more effort. If 50 people go through it in a year at a price point of $1,997, that’s six figures. I’ve set the foundation that supports me and I don’t have to redo that work again.”

The identifying your unique way of working with clients has too many benefits to ignore. It allows you to leverage your time, make way more money than you’d have the bandwidth for otherwise, and it provides more meaningful service to clients. Simply by bringing focused awareness to the way you work, you can magnify your contribution while creating serious passive revenue.

“You take your years of experience and all of the things that you’ve learned through your clients, through your training, through all your experiences. You cultivate this and apply your uniqueness so it can actually land on several people. Lots of people actually. It’s been such a win-win.”

So, get out on the D.A.N.C.E. floor and experience the opportunities waiting to take your hand!

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