Discover how this lifelong entrepreneur achieved personal freedom and aims for seven figures in two years

You may have heard entrepreneur Jonathan Christian speak about his business success live on my stage. But as with most business owners, his path to success wasn’t the easiest nor was it necessarily the most expected. In 2008, a severe car accident changed his life in an instant. A challenging road to recovery followed, including a surgery to completely rebuild his neck which left him unable to work for over a year.

Jonathan was stuck at home to heal and feeling the stress of being self-employed with mounting bills. Little did he know, the scope of his business was about to shift as the result of an interesting influence. He found himself turning to social media as a means of staying in touch with the outside world and soon realized that such emerging technologies could benefit his small business clients.

“That’s where my blog started and 275 blogs later, I’m still writing, teaching people how to leverage their story in such a way that people want more.”

He rebranded his company, We Make Stuff Happen, and began teaching clients what was possible with social media. They expanded into website and graphic design along with content writing and business was booming.

“For me, it was more helping than selling. Invariably, if you have the right skills to bring to the table and help people, they’re willing to pay you for it,” Jonathan says.

Yet even with decades of business experience under his belt, Jonathan, like many entrepreneurs, reached a point where he needed a different kind of change. He saw that his company was reaching capacity. Helping people was in his blood but by only helping a handful of people at a time, there was a limit to the amount of income he could generate.

“Even if I employed more people, it was still just me. I could only bring in so many leads.”

After participating in the 6-Figure Telesemninar and Webinar Sales System program and taking full advantage of his ticket to the Speak-to-Sell Live event, it was Jonathan’s wife, Debbie, who nudged him to dive headfirst into the year-long Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind, known as the “Sassy Mastermind”.

Jonathan jokes, “Who am I to dispute my wife? It was the best thing I ever heard.” Though it was quite a large investment, Debbie believed in Jonathan and his business, trusting they would see a return on their investment in the program. Sure enough, within the first year using the Speak-to-Sell model, he earned that money back tenfold.

Within just a couple months, Jonathan launched a webinar that enrolled 23 people and literally doubled his business without doubling overhead. He’d generally take on one new client or so a month and suddenly there were 23 highly invested clients enrolled in this 26 week program.

Out of that, he launched a mini version to serve those clients who might only need a refresher, a social media boot camp. This entry-level course, enrolled over 100 people. And since both of these products were virtual, it freed Jonathan up to work in-depth and one-on-one with a handful of clients.

“I used to physically go to somebody’s office and work with them, which I still do and love, but now I can do both. And we’ve achieved amazing results because we’ve done that so intensely. We’ve got a much bigger stage.”

And this is just the beginning of his story. His company is poised to shatter the goal of earning seven figures in three years. “I’m bold. I’m two years to seven figures. That’s my goal and we’re over halfway there.”

His results have been truly amazing and it’s led to huge freedoms in Jonathan’s personal life as well. He and his wife now live in their dream home and he owns an amazing office he never thought was within reach. When buying his new home, Jonathan needed an additional $50,000 in the bank. He was able to generate extra business and earn the money in only one month.

And it’s not just these tangible benefits Jonathan now enjoys. With his increased income, he’s been able to spend time with his family on amazing vacations, such as the two week cruise he took Debbie and her parents on aboard the Oasis of the Seas.

“My mother-in-law just hugged me and cried on my shoulder and thanked me. I couldn’t have done this for them a year ago. That’s priceless and I didn’t do it from debt. I did it from cash flow, from using my Speak-to-Sell talk.”

Such gifts as that quality time with family are immeasurable and precious in the fast-paced entrepreneurial world. His giving to others has been magnified as well and he’s been able to help several different charities much more deeply. Though Jonathan says perhaps the greatest gift he’s received came directly from his experience in the Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind.

“This is my stage. This is my time in life to impact the world with the gifts that I’ve got and I gained that through the Sassy mindset.”