Do You LOVE Your Offer? – Minisode

Your offer is your life! If you run a passion-based business you need to be 100% in love with your offer. On this minisode, I challenge you to really take a look at your offer. Think deeply and ask yourself, is this really what you want to do? You need to love everything about your offer; the client base, the delivery, and especially the offer itself. It’s time to consider you for a change and not just your client. Listen to this minisode to hear how to assess your offer and see if it is still right for you.

Create an offer that is irresistible to you

If you don’t create an offer that is absolutely irresistible to you then you are not following your passions. Creating a passion based life is the whole reason you are doing this, so it is important to make sure that your offer reflects that passion. You may have created your offer at a different time in your life and now it simply no longer speaks to you in the same way. If you are no longer fully in love then it is time to tweak your offer or find a new course. Listen to this episode to hear the four questions to ask yourself to discover whether your offer is still irresistible to you.

Is it time to rethink your ideal client?

You are creating irresistible offers for your clients as well as yourself, so of course, you will need to think of what your ideal client really needs. While you are taking this time to consider if your offer still resonates with you, think about if your ideal client is the same as it once was. Over the years your ideal client may have changed. This is a great time to consider exactly who your ideal client is as well as what you are offering. Listen to this episode to hear all the questions to ask yourself as you take some time to reflect on your business. If you listen carefully, you’ll even hear how to get my holiday gift for you.

Is the delivery still irresistible to you?

Delivery is a separate matter to consider and just as important as your offer itself. You could absolutely love your offer, but maybe now you don’t love how you deliver it. This is something to think about. Think of all the possibilities about how you could change the way you deliver your offer. Expand your ideas, perhaps you’d like to provide a video course, or maybe a 90-day online workshop is more your style nowadays. The delivery methods are endless. Listen to this episode to discover some excellent tools to help you reconsider your offer and its delivery.

The new year is a great time for a fresh start

Use this new year to reconsider how you are living your life. Is this truly the life you want? My message in this minisode is to help you question and refocus your offer to ensure that you are living the life you really want. You began this journey to do work that is fulfilling to you, and now is a great time to reassess and find out if your work still fills your spirit. Your offer is your everything, so think – is this offer worth your life? Listen to the full episode to learn how I can help you create a life that fills your spirit.

Episode Highlights

  • [0:38] Do you love your offer?
  • [3:58] Is the delivery of your offer still irresistible to you?
  • [10:27] A litmus test to judge your offer
  • [12:27] Grab your holiday gift!


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