Entrepreneur Cindy Kerr Shares how Community Changed Her Business

Hey it’s Lisa Sasevich here with yet another success story! If you’ve been offering your services up free of charge for one reason or another keep reading. Cindy’s story is going to inspire you to reach new levels in your business.

I’m going to hand it over to her to share about the exponential business growth she created with support and tools within the Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind, AKA Sassy.

What do you feel was your biggest need as an entrepreneur when you were introduced to Lisa’s products?

My greatest need when introduced to Lisa’s products was to create a prosperous livelihood I loved! I wanted to synthesize my lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and passion about helping people heal wholistically (as a “whole” being). I needed a way to articulate this information and organize it into a tangible, viable, serviceful, creative and abundant business.

What personal and professional expectations did you have when you joined the Sassy Mastermind?

Sassy was actually my lifeline that gave me HOPE for my future when I first joined. My life had been going in one direction and was turned upside-down with a car accident in Feb 2016. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

During Speak-to-Sell Live in May 2016, I resonated with the slide of the person hanging on to the trapeze (petrified to jump) yet KNOWING that was exactly what I needed to do. That was ME! Fearfully swinging nowhere… wasting time. In my heart of hearts, I made a swift and conscious decision to make the jump and trust the Universe to catch me!

It was a little intimidating at first to be sharing and masterminding with successful mission-driven entrepreneurs when I didn’t have my stuff together. My personal and professional expectation was that with the teaching tools Lisa provided and the help of such an intense, high-level mentoring group, I would figure out what my “thing” was and develop it to a real business.

The living examples of successful business owners in the group have inspired me to be and do my absolute best and have allowed me to find my “thing,” articulate it, identify my ideal clients, create my products and TAKE ACTION to make the business a reality.

How has your work grown and developed by taking part in the Sassy Mastermind?

OMGosh, this was the “kick-in-the-butt” I needed to take positive action. The accountability within this group is 100% encouraging and supportive. Lisa continuously reinforces that “structure creates success.”

Having fun supportive tools like Sassy Power Hour and Triad Masterminding after all the classes fosters an environment that is completely cooperative and not competitive with others.

I work on my business every day in all it’s myriad forms – through self-care, inspired creative writing for future blogs, Active Imagination, tangible actions in setting up the physical business entity… I’m gain efficiency even as I gain momentum!

What is the most important way you’ve incorporated Lisa’s teachings into your personal/professional life?

One of Lisa’s greatest gifts to mission-driven entrepreneurs is her powerful work around shifting the mindset from “perfectionism,” which paralyzes one from doing anything noble, to “good enough,” which gets the ball rolling and makes the heart happy because there’s actually forward movement!

I, along with so many others, have been the grateful recipient of this gift from Lisa! It released me from so much self-judgement and allowed my hidden gifts to come forth courageously and be developed! So many brilliant entrepreneurs are cruel taskmasters to themselves and the self-judgement whip is standing by ready to strike at any moment! LOL

I’ve always been a driven, high-achieving business person, so Lisa literally was the one who unlocked my self-imposed perfectionist prison door and set me free to actually move forward with “good enough.” It doesn’t mean I’ve become lax or careless. It means I get things moving, course correct and improve as I soar. As she says, “Build the plane as you fly it.”

What is a BIG project or up-level you are currently taking on in your business? What are you doing that you never dreamed possible?

Well, I just completed all my LLC paperwork (YAY!) and I’m in the process of creating the professional branding of The Health Diviner LLC with logo, graphics, photography, a beautiful website, cards, and tangible tools that really reflect my vision of presentation and my offerings.

I never thought it was possible to fearlessly step into my own empowerment. I’m rediscovering and embodying my divine magnificence and offering my unique skills for healing with confidence and success in my own “gentle warrioress” way!

Lisa Sasevich has created the most amazing program which has something for everyone – in any genre and at every level of business development. When she says that “everything you need is on Planet Sassy,” she’s not indulging her ego. It’s SO true!

The Sassy Mastermind is a “living body” of amazing souls with a diversity of skills, knowledge, experiences, and personalities all united in an environment fully supporting heart-centered entrepreneurship and one another.

I am grateful beyond words for being guided by my Heart to Planet Sassy!