Illuminated path

Follow the Illuminated Path


Hey guys, it’s Lisa. And you are catching me totally blissed out in Bali at this amazing place. You can see behind me the pyramids. It’s called the Pyramids of Chi. And we are about to go back over here and meditate in what’s called a third eye meditation designed to open up this place of knowing right here. And so I wanted to, before we jump into this meditation, send you a quick meant for more moment. And how we ended up here is that of all the things I was looking at, there was just this heightened energy when I was looking at brochures and websites and people were telling me things. Here’s the beautiful cafe behind me. And I just knew that I needed to come here. So I looked on the schedule and we had, this was our last night before we moved to another place and sure enough, they had this perfect, beautiful third eye meditation being led.

So the meant for more moment is really about, I remember this years ago reading that book, Conversations with God and Neale Donald Walsch said, “When you come to a crossroads, follow the illuminated path.” And so it’s the same thing when you’re traveling or you’re doing anything and there’s a choice. What am I going to do with my time tonight or today? And for me, this was the illuminated path. So when you come to a crossroads, as Neale Donald Walsch said in Conversations with God, a great book I read many, many years ago, follow the illuminated path.

And that’s part of how you find you’re meant for more. You see what things feel like or you feel into things. You notice what heightens your energy. And when I looked at all of the amazing things we can do in Bali today, tonight, this one just kept coming up in my mind. And even the name, Pyramids of Chi, it just kept ringing for me that I had to be there before I left. So super excited about this meditation and I hope you’re having an awesome new year and keep, keep, keep moving toward that meant for more life. All right, mua.

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