How to Find Your Unique Branded System

In the beginning, people usually help clients intuitively on a one-to-one basis, but over time they may notice that they tend to ask the same questions and do things in a similar order with most clients.

stepsThey have a natural method for helping clients get healthy or do their taxes or develop new products. 

But most people have never tried to figure out what their own process is, let alone break it down into steps.

Why is that valuable?

Once you discover your process, you can give it a name and brand it. I call this your Unique Branded System (UBS).

Having a UBS enables you to better market your gifts and talk about your process in a way that is clear to your ideal client.

For instance, I have the Speak-to-Sell® formula, which is a number of steps that help an expert get on the stage, have a talk that they love, offers that sell and the confidence that comes with being ready.

Identifying your UBS is also the key to leveraging, because it outlines your proven road map for getting clients from A to Z.

This gives you the confidence to offer what you do to a group, and it also gives your buyers confidence in you, because they see that you’re not just winging it, you’ve got a method that works.

If you’d like for me to walk you through finding your own UBS and much, much more, then my brand-new “Ultimate Sales Bootcamp” could be perfect for you. Join me live in San Diego, May 12-14, 2016.