How to Have Better Conversations to Boost Sales

When was the last time you had an unmistakably good conversation–one where you felt heard, understood, and deeply in tune with the other person? And when was the last time you walked away from a conversation feeling better than you felt before it started — intellectually stimulated, energized, and fired up?

I’m willing to bet a few meaningful experiences came to mind in a flash. Because there’s nothing quite like a good conversation to get you thinking, change your perspective on something, and create a spark of inspiration.

The best conversations stir the soul and they make us come alive. There’s a sense of intimacy we feel when engaged in good conversation that reminds us of our humanity. We’ve all experienced it and we all crave more of it.

Yet, despite how much we value and appreciate good conversations with friends, family, and the occasional stranger on an airplane, sales conversations often bring an entirely different experience to mind.

If you think effective sales conversations are slick and scripted or believe high-pressure tactics are the key to success, you’re not alone.

But the truth is, you can sell more without being salesy. And and that starts with establishing a connection through genuinely engaging conversations.

A good sales conversation is, first and foremost, a good conversation. So if you want to know one of the best ways to sell more and how to make selling easier, you better start having better conversations.

Your prospects are inundated with promotional messages that are shouting at them to buy something everywhere they turn. To break through the noise, you’ve got to be willing to make an effort to identify with them and connect heart-to-heart.

Not only are good conversations the key to increasing sales conversions, but they are also the ticket to generating more revenue for your business in the long term. You’re not just closing a sale once, you’re looking to make longer-lasting connections that generate trust from the start and pay off handsomely as customers stay with you over time.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, Lisa, but exactly what am I supposed to do to improve my sales conversations?” Well, I’ll tell you — it’s easier than you might imagine. Here’s how.

Be Prepared

Do your homework. With the power of Google and social media at your fingertips a little sleuthing can go a long way. Show up with some initial insights on your prospect, and an open mind to learn more. The more you know ahead of time, the better you can prepare for the conversation and craft your irresistible offer to suit their needs.

It’s About Them (not you!)

The first order of business is to build rapport. Make your intentions clear from the outset and remember, the purpose of the conversation is to meet their needs, not yours. So be sure to show a sincere interest and use the details you picked up along the way to fuel the conversation.

Actively Listen

Active listening is one of the most valuable skills you can put into practice to increase sales conversions. The trick is not to let yourself be distracted by what you’re planning to say next while the other person is speaking. Trust me, I know this is hard for us entrepreneurs because we think a million miles a minute. Put your own thoughts to the side and stay present to what they’re saying.

Ask Great Questions (and remember the answers)

Ask fact-finding questions to take the conversation deeper and get to the bottom of your prospect’s struggles and motivators. Not only will your curiosity show that you care about what matters to them, it will give you a clear picture of their troubles, priorities, and past behaviors that will help you make an irresistible offer that speaks specifically to their current core desires.

Engage in Deeper Topics (they’re important!)

If you’re making small talk at a networking event, you can get away with having a surface-level chat. But for sales, you have to be willing to go deeper. Discover details about their values, failures, obstacles, motivations, and goals. Don’t shy away from the difficult questions or cut them short when they open up to you.

Always Keep Time Top of Mind

Powerful conversations are built on mutual respect. Show respect for your prospect’s most valuable asset — time — by setting expectations and sticking to a schedule. Show up, be present and fully aware, and give genuine support during the limited time you do have together. Always save space to wrap up the conversation with your irresistible offer and allow your prospect to come to a decision. Remember, if they truly need additional time to make a decision set a clear deadline for your next steps.

The best sales conversations happen when you drop the act and connect authentically with your prospect. Good conversation flows easily and it feels natural and comfortable, as if you’re talking to a friend. If you’re inexperienced or lack confidence some practice and the guidance here will have you off the races quickly.

Structure gives you the ability to be yourself, having amazing conversations and successfully sell your product, service or expertise. Once you shift your approach, you’ll start to welcome and enjoy connecting and serving your prospects through sales conversations and your conversions will be off the charts in no time.