How to Set Yourself Up for High-Ticket Sales

If you want to break into the six or seven figures and work with highly motivated clients as you expand your reach, you really must leverage your expertise with a group program at a high-ticket rate. (By “high-ticket” I mean a sale that is more than $2,000.) 

Sounds great, right?

So, how do you set yourself up so that you have the confidence to make a high-ticket Irresistible Offer™—and your prospective clients have the confidence that you can deliver?

Here is my three-step process for doing just that: 

1. Articulate the transformation that you uniquely provide (aka your offer)
Your first step is to identify the unique transformation that you provide to your clients, and then articulate it, using their words (not yours or marketing speak) about the outcomes and upleveling they’re experiencing. 

2. Identify the system you use to get results
Most people have a natural method, the same questions they tend to ask each client or a
similar process that they follow. 

Identifying your method and branding it is gold—I call this your Unique Branded System (UBS). It shows that you have a proven road map for getting clients from A to Z. This gives you confidence and your buyers, too, because they see that you’ve got a method that works. 

3. Design, package & price your high-ticket program
The secret sauce for designing, packaging and pricing your high-ticket program is having the mindset that it’s not about you. It’s about the value that your prospective clients place on themselves and the outcome they seek in a particular area.

When it’s not about you, you’re likely to be “committed but not attached.” You’re committed to their making a decision yes or no, but not attached to what that decision is.

Embodying that perspective makes you even more attractive to your ideal, high-ticket clients and tends to foster trust. 

Of course, I’ve just scratched the surface on each of these steps. If you’d like for me to walk you through them and much, much more, then my brand-new “Ultimate Sales Bootcamp” could be perfect for you. Join me live in San Diego, May 12-14, 2016.