How to Use Irresistible Offers in Your Business

What if I could show you how to bring people to a decision on-the-spot to invest in your product or service or contribute to your cause—all without being salesy or pushy?

The secret sauce is to make an Irresistible Offer.

The problem is most people leave out the irresistible part!

So here’s how you can make a truly Irresistible Offer:

First, during your presentation to a group or individual, you have to create the gap. The gap is the difference between where your prospects are now and where they want to be. It’s that hunger in your prospects for the better life that your product or service could give them.

When that hunger is fully present, that’s the time to make your Irresistible Offer.

To be truly irresistible, your offer must have a limiter, an incentive to act now. Otherwise, your prospects will “think about it” or put off their investment until “later,” which too-often never comes.

The 3 must-have incentives to include in your Irresistible Offer are:

1. A Fast-Action Discount
This is the price break you give to people who invest right away. For instance, if your product retails for $997, the today only investment could be $497. If your prospects want what you’re offering, they’ll be clamoring for such a great deal.

2. A Scholarship
To entice your prospects to invest now, you can offer a free ticket to an upcoming live event or teleseminar that you — or even an affiliate partner — are offering. Chances are they were considering that event or teleseminar anyway, so the scholarship, along with your main offer, would be too irresistible to pass up.

3. A Bonus (or two)
These are those wonderful freebies that add value to your main dish offering, but don’t cost you a lot to produce. Bonuses are not fluff. They’re something the prospect would have paid for anyway and they’re related to your main offering. For instance, with my The Invisible Close audio tutorial, I include as a bonus a PowerPoint template to create your own order forms. That PowerPoint didn’t cost me much to create, but it’s worth a lot!

Become the One Who Is Pursued

I love those three incentives, because they change the sales dynamic from your pursuing the prospect to being the one who is pursued. Your ideal clients come to you for your products or services because they know it’s a great thing for them.

The limiters also change the dynamic from pressure, where you’re trying to push someone to do something, to tension, meaning there’s tension in your prospects because they are dying to have what you’re offering. And if they don’t say yes NOW, they’re not going to get the discount, scholarship or bonus.

Those three incentives are the magic formula for your Irresistible Offer, and they will work for you like a charm!

What limiters have you used to entice prospects to invest now? Let me know in the comments below.