How to Use Your Imperfections to Grow

I have a not-so-big newsflash for you: no one is perfect. None of us have all the right answers or excel at everything we do or are even excited by all the things we have to do to contribute and be helpful in our roles.

But the secret is, that can be a good thing! 

And, even more importantly, those perceived flaws or imperfections that you may be trying to mask are actually incredibly beneficial to your growth and instrumental to your Meant for More Journey. 

Embracing imperfection is an exercise in the art of letting go. You let go of the need to have everything all figured out before you  take the first step. It’s about letting go of your fear—fear of failure, change, or looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. (The one I battle is the fear of having to do something twice.) Because the truth is, everyone makes mistakes, change is inevitable, and every last one of us has many moments of not knowing what we’re doing. The things we work so hard to prevent are in many cases, unavoidable.

I know you want to put your best foot forward, and it can be scary to do something that maybe you’ve never done before. I’m not saying to go forward with shoddy work. I also know that what’s typically happening while you’re still “working on it” is that your gifts are not getting to help the people who need them. And that’s a disservice to the people you are meant to help.

There is a level of trust that you need to access—trust that the 5 or 25 years you’ve spent doing this thing that you’re great at, or the things you learned when you overcame that big personal challenge, or the skill that comes so naturally to you that is mystifying to other people, is already good enough to help people. You have to trust that even if you use your gifts imperfectly, you will still be able to guide someone who needs your knowledge, expertise or service a welcomed transformation. This is your blessing we’re talking about. It’s not a fluke or an accident. It matters. And you’ve got to trust yourself enough to be willing to make your offer. I talk about how to organize your gift and your offer in Chapter 9 of my new best-selling book Meant for More: Clarify Your Offer, so if you want to take it a step further and know how you’ll do this—I can walk you through the whole process! But for now, it’s time to start embracing your imperfections and your learning curve.

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