Is It Time To Create Little Soldiers?


Hey, guys. It’s Lisa with this week’s Meant For More Moment. I wanted to bring something up that might point you toward your meant for more, that which you were born to do, the way you can make great money and a great difference doing something that’s most likely in your heart to do. And that is that you may find that you just can’t get away from it. No matter what you do, that thing just seems to track you down.

It’s funny, with me, with my work on helping entrepreneurs, experts, just heart-centered, mission-driven people get out there and make a difference with what they know that no matter where I go I’m just always seeing people who have an incredible gift, and I just … I can’t not feel like I want to help them get it out in a bigger way. It pains me to think that someone might die with that incredible knowledge that could help someone or that it’ll die in their hard drive. So we want to get that out. We want to organize that knowledge so that other people can benefit from it.

I had a beautiful example with someone I got to work with recently. Her name’s Valerie. And for 22 years, she’s been helping families get their kids these programs through public schools called IEPs. I think they’re individualized education plans. And of course, the whole thing started with the help that she gave her own daughter years ago when she was told that her daughter wouldn’t read, and wouldn’t learn, and just was testing for all these things that would hold her daughter back. And she said, “No, it’s not going to go that way. My daughter is going to go to a traditional school, and she’s going to do well. She’s going to get a diploma, and she’s going to have the opportunities that other kids have.” So for 22 years, she’s been helping other families to do what she did for her own daughter. She is the expert.

Well, now here we are. 22 years later, she’s helped hundreds of people, and there’s an opportunity for her to organize what she knows in a way that she could teach it to larger groups of people instead of one at a time. And of course, once she organizes what she knows, she can also certify other people in being able to do that work too and create a small army. Little soldiers I call it. They can also be out there serving this mission, right? And she can make that difference in a bigger way. She can help more kids, more families, and be paid well to do it.

So all this is a perfect case study, a perfect example of someone who’s living their meant for more life and is ready to take it to the next level. We have so many folks that do our work, for example, that they’re retiring. They have this expertise, something they’ve put their life into, but they’re not ready for the golf course full time. So if that’s you, you really want to be digging in and paying attention to what is it that you can’t not pay attention to. Where have you been learning and putting your energy for years that you’d like to make sure it gets out there in a bigger way? And step into your meant for more life. And one of the keys is to organize your knowledge. We talk about this more in the upcoming book called Meant For More being released by Hay House on April 14th. I’m so excited.

And in the meantime, until that happens, you can preorder. You can also just start paying attention. What is my process? How do I help people every day? What are the steps that I take? And note that down and keep paying attention. Keep taking those notes, and you’ll start to see that it’s already there. There’s a system. If you’re getting results with people, there is a system. You just have to have the consciousness and take the time to organize that system so that others can take advantage of it. On our campus, we call it your unique branded system, and we can certainly help you with that.

All right. That’s the Meant For More Moment for today. What is it that you can’t not do and that just keeps showing up in your sphere? And like I said, for me, it’s I see people with this great expertise and, I just … I want them to be out, be out there helping more people if that’s their heart desire. All right. Have a great day.


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