It’s not a one time thing


Hey guys, this is Lisa with are Meant for More moment and I’ve just come back from a walk with my-

A hike.

A hike really, right? With my girly friend Shaa Wasmund. She’s in town from the UK and we talked about a lot of things that are pretty transformational and we want to share this one with you and that is today’s Meant for More topic that investing in yourself, it’s really important and the big thing I think a lot of people miss is that it’s not a one-time thing. It is something that you do over and over in all kinds of different ways and I just have to say how grateful I am that you did that. When I came to the UK, she bought a half day with me on an email I sent out and I ended up coming to her house and now we have this friendship. We refer each other, we promote each other, we talk about boys, we talk about our teenagers.

Yep, lots of things.

It wouldn’t have happened and here we are. Here we are, the reason we’re having this day and then we’re getting this moment with Shaa is because she’s here. She invested in another mastermind that’s right down the street. She flew in from all the way from the UK for three days-

Three days. Yep.

And this is why she’s successful. This is why she’s a seven-figure entrepreneur. This is why she teaches thousands of people how to make, break, keep six figures. Would you say a little more about your mindset?

Yeah, of course. I think that it’s so important to continually invest in yourself, not just in your business training, but your health in all aspects of your life. I think if you feel like you just purchased one thing or you make one singular investment and you think that that one thing is going to solve everything for the rest of your career or your life, then undoubtedly you’re going to fall short because life isn’t like that. We’re always growing and we’re always changing and we’re always learning. For me, I don’t think you can have business growth without personal growth. I really felt like the two things are intrinsically combined.

For me, investing in myself personally and in my business is my number one priority each year. That’s the first thing that I put into my budget because it’s very much like when you’re on a plane and the stewardess is going through what happens if there’s a crash and you put your oxygen mask on first. I think the same is true about investing in yourself. I feel like investing in up-skilling, in up-leveling, in your fitness is all about putting your oxygen mask on first, and then you get some great things that come out of it, like really amazing friendships that you didn’t plan for, you didn’t expect and that’s not why you did what you did, but it happens to be a wonderful by-product of it. It is so important for you to realize that investing in your, especially for women, women struggle so much more than men to justify investing in themselves-

So true.

Because we think we should be spending the money on our kids, on our homes or something-

We shouldn’t be taking those days away cause we’re not a good mom or wife.

All the guilt comes in.

That’s true.

I think the opposite is true, that by investing in yourself, you become a better mom, you become a better partner, you become a better sister, daughter, whatever it is.

Business woman. Influencer. Change agent.

Absolutely, all of it. You will fill in yourself up fast. If you’re empty, you don’t have anything to give anyone else. You don’t have anything to give your family and you don’t have enough to give your clients either, but if you’re full, if all of your needs are really taken care of, then you get to be in a position to take care of your client’s needs a whole heap better.

It’s so true. Check her out. Shaa Wasmund. She’s got all kinds of amazing books and courses and if you want to have a book that’s her specialty, so you can find her all over social. You will see her continuously invest in herself the same way I do. Do you know what I call this? I call this collateral beauty because we got a friendship out of it and I get to see her because she’s here investing in herself again, not with me with another mentor. Yet, we continue to support each other. Anyway, that’s the message. Investing in yourself is not a one-time thing. Think about, here’s the question. When’s the last time you invested in yourself and won, and how long has it been?


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