Method To My Madness: 4 Steps to Price & Sell High Ticket

Are you tapped out on time and feeling like your income growth has hit a wall?

I know the feeling…

You desire to make more money and yet you feel you’ve hit the ceiling because you can’t possibly bring on additional clients since your schedule is already full.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients out of this exact position, and here’s what I tell them:

It’s time to rethink the price point. It’s time to create your high ticket offer!

Like Personal Trainer, Kristen Nolan, did. She transformed her sales from selling bootcamps for $179 to offering fitness coaching packages up to $7500! She shares how she did it here.

And I know you, you definitely want more for yourself, for your clients, and for your family than that.

If you’re ready to raise your rates or launch a brand new program so you can breakthrough your current income ceiling, but you haven’t quite found the sweet spot or you don’t know where to begin, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s uncover the perfect high ticket price for your offer so you can reach the next level in business!

There’s a method to my madness and I’m going to share it with you below.

First, let’s identify what qualifies an offer has ‘high ticket’ shall we. A high ticket offer is anything priced at $2,000 or more and it’s exclusive in some way (limited spaces, a limited timeframe to buy, etc).

I want you to know that after creating an Irresistible Offer, I don’t simply grab numbers out of thin air and assign them to programs. And neither should you.

Of course, there’s a structure to support you in identifying your price point… you know I love structures, after all the set you free!

Here’s what I want you to do next:

1. Get clear on what it will cost your prospective client to NOT work with you.

How much do they stand to lose if they choose not to enroll in your coaching, mentoring or program? What will happen in their life or business if they choose to stay in their current situation?

This number will act as your high bar, it’s your first marker on the map to find your own price.

2. Uncover what the industry standard is charging for a program similar to yours.

Do some research in your market to find out what others are charging for services similar to yours.

Word of warning: Don’t get hung up in the comparison trap. You’re simply looking for their fee structure. #YouAreAwesome

This number will act as your low bar, the low price range so to speak.

Now that you got both low and high bars set…

3. Embrace the price that makes your heart flutter.

This should be the kind of number that you would feel absolutely amazing charging.

It should feel like a stretch because we only grow if we stretch.

Become BFFs with this new offer price point. You are going to invite prospects to invest at this level very soon. The more comfortable you become now the more your dream clients will lean and say YES!

4. Make your new, high ticket offer to the right people.

Let’s start with the facts. Highly committed clients purchase high ticket offers. Be sure you’re speaking to that person.

That means the webinar or video campaign isn’t going to cut it.

The prospects who are going to buy high ticket need to feel a deep connection with not only your offer but with you too!

Deeply committed clients should be your target audience for this high ticket offer.

This may look like talking with past clients or the ones who’ve been circling you for months…

Your level of commitment to them should be as obvious as theirs is to you.

Here’s the secret to helping the client say YES to themselves, and to your new high ticket offer:

Increase your “having” level!

What are you allowing yourself to receive?

If you want to charge more:

  1. Give back to the people/things/communities you love and appreciate. It opens up your “having” level to give.
  2. Surround yourself with “havers.” Make friends with ambitious people doing inspiring things so your mindset around what’s possible expands.
  3. Help your prospects see their future transformation to get them to the yes.

Now go out there and rock it out to your next income level!

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