How this Private Practice Monetized Free Speaking

When entrepreneurs come to me for sales training and coaching, it’s not always because they hate selling or that they’re terrible at it.

The truth is, many of my clients and students are already pretty darn good at selling and growing their business. And most of them come from a long track record of career or business success — either closing big deals on the corporate track or raking in the revenue for their own company.

This is why I love seeing inspiring turnaround stories unfold on campus.

One of our Mastermind members shared her breakthroughs with us recently, which illustrate what can happen if you plug into the Speak-to-Sell Formula.

Radical Change Expert Dr. Mary Oz Knew How to Build a Private Practice But Learning How to Sell High-Ticket Offers From the Stage Helped Her Grow a Leveraged Business

Dr. Mary Oz built a thriving therapy practice in New York, and she’s been fully booked for years, based entirely on word-of-mouth referrals. Her problem was never struggling to sign people up to work with her.

But as time went on, and she witnessed the rapid results she was able to create for clients, she knew she had a bigger message to share. She knew she could help more people if she got that message out into the world in a bigger way.

After discovering the power of internet marketing, training with master coaches and healing modalities, positioning herself for success, and aligning her brand with influential leaders in the personal development field, she saw me speak at an event, plugged into our Speak-to-Sell Formula, and it became a game changer for her business.

But it’s not just about giving any old talk in front of an audience of potential clients.

What I’ve created are time-tested plug-and-play formulas that work over and over again, across the board. And I’ve consistently implemented ever-evolving cutting-edge new techniques that help my clients and students break away from their 9-5 job or break out of the ‘hours for dollars’ business models that are wearing them thin.

Given the opportunity to speak on Dr. Joe Vitale’s stage early on in her first program with us, she jumped right into action crafting her Signature Talk using our model and implementing elements from the formula, including a well-crafted bonus, limiter, and fast-action incentives.

And here’s the thing —

Even though her talk time was cut short due to technical difficulties and the conditions were far less than favorable, she was able to close over 25% of the room for her $997 coaching program, banking $12,000 in sales.

Plus, she felt proud that Dr. Joe Vitale himself pulled her aside and told her he was impressed with how powerfully she engaged the room and sold confidently.

Even better — of those who signed up from the Joe Vitale presentation, she made an offer to six of them to become a Radical Change Coach with her company for $10,000 each, and 50% of them took her up on the offer.

Something she noticed and took note of was the palpable “disappointment in the air” when she gave the price. In that moment, she knew she’d conveyed the value of what she was offering. And people wanted it — those who signed up stepped up and took out loans to make it happen.

Although it’s intimidating to ask for what you deserve, when you do, ideal clients WILL respond positively.

In a recent interview with my team, Dr. Mary Oz shared, “if I hadn’t spoken to Lisa at the key time before I went, I had this whole other plan in my head and I would’ve given away too much…” And she went on to say, “[Lisa’s] expertise on bonuses, limiters, and making an offer is what helped… she formulated it in a way that I never would’ve formulated on my own.”

We have to know how to ask for our worth and not give our unique, powerful work away for free or sell ourselves short.

When you make an offer and put a price tag on your work, it can be uncomfortable, but as I always say — it’s a disservice to not invite potential clients to say YES to themselves and your offer.

Before Dr. Mary Oz joined us, she was working with 10-12 clients a day in her therapy practice and heading for burnout and disappointment. Now she has more high-end clients and thus more time to reinvest in both her businesses.

Listen, growing a business based on high-ticket sales may not always be not easy, but with the right guidance it is simple and it is worth it.

It takes dedication and it takes courage, but most of all it takes having a plan and structure in place, which is exactly what our Speak-to-Sell Formula offers – come learn LIVE with Lisa this May in San Diego at Speak-to-Sell LIVE.

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